Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's that time of the year...

Christmas shopping time!!

Remember that toy that you loved getting for Christmas!? The one that you didn't care about opening anymore presents and you just wanted to sit in a corner and play with for the rest of the day?!
I need a toy idea like that for my kids. I know little fun things to get them, but I need a toy that is 'kid tested and loved.'
Chase is 4 and Abby is 2....what toy did your kids, nephew, niece, cousin, or friends kid love at this age? Chase is very into being able to play with toys by himself and fun games, so we already got him a couple sets of 'big kid' Lego sets.

 He also loves Abby's magnetic dress up dolls, so we got him a boy version.
He also loves books, so we got him a Toy Story seek and find book.

I have yet to get anything for Abby. You'd think she'd be easy, which she is, but I really want to find the right toys to get them. I don't want them to be popular for a few days and then get put on the bookshelf to collect dust. (Don't get me wrong, I love dusting) :)
I will however be getting my Dora loving princess this house, that she has loved playing with at other people houses lately.

I got Abby a set of Polly Pocket dolls, that come with those rubber dresses and she is just now getting into them, and plays with them quite often. There is one problem, the rubber dresses are still a bit hard for her to get on the dolls by themselves, and she likes to change their outfits a lot. I end up changing the dolls most of the time that we are playing with them. I guess she will eventually be able to do it, but there are also a lot of small pieces. (With baby #3, that might be hard) All their shoes and accessories are very tiny pieces.

If I branch out on a limb and get her another set, I will probably be getting her this one.
A few weeks ago when we were at a friends house, this kept my kids busy for at least an hour. They definitely follow after me, they love to help clean. Do any of your kids have this 'My cleaning Trolley set with hand vacuum cleaner'?! It is a bit spendy $49.99, but I think both my kids would love it. (Not sure how sad this may be, but when I was a kid, I would have loved this!)

Well, I am off to continue my Christmas shopping with my best friend! {Two girls...old roomies, no kids...endless possibilities!} Time for some much needed girl time!
Have a great 'hump' day!



Christen said...

Ana got that dora house, actually one like it, but all the people and stuff too for her 3rd birthday. She loved it! And still plays with it occasionally. I know Abby is only 2, but Ana likes littlest pet shop stuff, my little pony. Babies were always a good idea. We got her a little mermaid vanity one year, and she still plays with it. Hope you find that perfect gift!
Oh! When Ana was two she got this cloth doll that she carried around everywhere!! And it had to be naked :) If I put the clothes back on, she'd say Mommy! and take them right back off :)
And have you seen the cabage patch dolls that you don't know the sex until you take the cabbage off? That could be a good gift for Christmas, or a big sister gift :) Her baby could be a surprise just like mommy's baby is :)

Landen and family said...

Maddie just turned 2 and got some of those fisher price dolls where their clothes snap on and she LOVES them. We will be getting her more of those. She also got that same Dora house and it's a big hit too. Landen is getting another game for his Vsmile and the Cars Geo Trax stuff. I think he will LOVE that. I'm looking for a neat hair styling kit for Maddie too, my nieces have one and she loves the dryer that makes a noise like it's really working.

Good luck and have fun shopping!!

Stephanie said...

All of my kids have loved to clean....too bad when they get older that trend doesn't continue.

Love the dress up doll for boys...I haven't seen that before.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Paige said...

It looks like you have a great list for your kids going. Little girls do seem more difficult to shop for. Char just recently got the magentic dress up dolls and she loves it. Also, Charli Beth got the My cleaning trolley and it never worked right. The vacum and broom she still plays with but the trolley wouldn't hold anything in the right position and fell apart several times. If you decide to purchase it, I hope you have better luck that we did. We got ours at Walmart.

Hope you had a great girls night out shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Lexie is really into Polly Pockets and those little Disney Princess dolls. Those dolls are the same as polly pockets, though-hard to dress, and some of the clothing rips. What about Strawberry Shortcake? Lexie loves those! For Christmas, I got her a Dora stable, Dora horse trailer, Strawberry Shortcake Cafe, a My Little Pony Play set (the gumball house), the doggie park Barbie, a huge magnetic doll dress up set, and a Tinkerbell Playset and Tinkerbell dolls, so far.
What about Playmobil sets for Chase? Dylan loves Playmobil! D go the Imaginext Dragon Fortress for his birthday, and it seems to be a hit!
They play together with Playmobil sets, Lexie's FP Loving Family dollhouse, and the big play kitchen. Do they have Leapsters yet? D has one,and Lexie loves it, too!

Erin said...

Alex isn't getting many toys, she has so many and doesnt need anymore. We didn't get her much because she is getting her blog book. But other things she asked for are a trampoline ( one that is small enough for in the house ), american girl doll stuff for her itty bitty baby, a small piano, a portable dv player for the car rides to the cabin. Not sure what else. I found some cute cute cute necklaces on etsy and I am thinking I will get her that and a nice jewerly box for her birthday! Good luck finding ideas!!

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