Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your Questions Answered!

Jenn asked: i want to know if you guys are planning on having any more babies?? also do abby and chase prefer a sister or brother?
 We are done with 3 for the time being, but not doing anything permanent. I grew up in a family of 3, my husband in a family of 4, so we are undecided if we want one more. This pregnancy has been pretty hard on my body, so I would for sure need to look into some stuff, if we plan to have another one. I LOVE kids and maybe three years down the road would like one more, but we will see how it is being outnumbered with 3. :)
Chase prefers a brother, only because he really wants someone to play baseball with. We told him girls can play baseball too and he just keeps saying, "It's a boy." Abby doesn't really know, she just knows that mommy's baby is coming soon.

Rachel H asked: 
You are so cute and tiny!! I cannot believe that you are still in your pre-pregnancy pants! How is that even possible?!
 Well, I buy most of my jeans at Maurice's or Kohl's and they have these great brands...Hydrolics and H2. They have a tiny bit of stretch in the material, and I guess I just wear them really low.

Meant to be a mom asked:
Do you plan on having more than 3 kids?
Also tell me how you met your hubby?
The first question I answered above.
How my hubby and I met...hmmm. (I had a feeling this question was going to pop up)
Well, about 9 years ago, I was 'dinking' around on the computer, looking through AOL profiles and I came across a funny and whitty profile that made me laugh. I decided, hey...what the heck do I have to loose, I am going to say hi to this guy. Well, we chatted back and fourth for a little bit and then he said he had to go. For the next week, when I saw him online, we would chat for a bit here and there and we exchanged a few pictures. I thought to myself, wow, this guy is hot! (lol) Then he wasn't online for about 3 weeks. (I thought this was a bit weird) When he finally came online again, I asked him where he'd been. He told me he thought I was a 'crazy person', I said I wasn't crazy, I just thought his profile was funny and I was bored, then I when he sent me his picture, I though he was very good looking guy. (funny and hot...hmmm...we got a keeper!) We kept talking and then he told me that he worked at Target as a security guard. A few nights later, I took the kids I nannied for to Target for a little shopping trip. When he told me he worked at Target, he said that he would be standing at the front doors, when I got there. When we walked in, there was no one at the doors. We shopped around and then grabbed a couple Icee drinks from the food court and decided to head out. Low and behold, as we are walking out, I can see him standing at the door. I stopped and talked and he told me him and his friend had been watching us shop on the security cameras. (pretty funny) The kids got antsy and we exchanged numbers and left. A few days later we talked on the phone and he later met me at my apartment and the rest is history. :) (He did tell me later that he didn't plan on 'dating' me, cause he was in the process of transferring colleges out of state, but he liked me so much that he wanted to try and make it work. Awww!)
Funny part of the whole story, we didn't want to tell our parents the truth, so we told them we met at a party and then saw each other again at Target. This was the story for about 7 years and just a couple years ago the truth was told. :)
Lexie Loo and Dlyan too asked:
Do you have any pets? If not, do you want any pets?
 We have a chocolate lab that is 3 years old, that the kids adore. We also have a 70 gallon fish tank with a handful of really small fish.

Erin asked:
Names for the baby, how did you come up with them and are you trying to have them go with Abby and Chase?
We have a few names for each, but we aren't deciding on final names till the baby arrives.
Girl- Kylee, Makynzie, Caitlyn
Boys-Easton, Ty, Colin, Nolan
Annie asked:
Do you have names picked out for baby #3? Is it a secret?
 I answered this one above.
That was fun! If you are ever interested in knowing anything, feel free to ask, I am not a shy person! :)



Kelly said...

My husband and I met in a VERY similar way and told everyone we met at a party too! :) Haha! Oh, and I LOVE your baby names. I'm seeing a baseball theme with the boys. :) I actually work with/for Nolan Ryan and so I'm a bit partial. :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, I just love the story about how you met your hubby. Isn't it amazing how things happen in our lives. I'm glad you found him the way you did. It left a great story.

Mommy3 said...

Exciting! I have to ask, you said there were 3 in your family...did the middle child have middle child syndrome? LOL We want our "one more baby" and really don't feel we'd do 4 but I am freaked out about the middle child thing! My poor sweet Lucas. LOL. Also, any thoughts on this since you might be done at 3?

Rachel H. said...

I love the story of how you guys met! So cute! :)

Unknown said...

I love the story of how you two met! I think it's so funny that he was totally checking you out on the cameras before he was going to meet you at the doors!! :)

You guys are all too cute!


Erin said...

Nolan,you never told me about that name!!!! :) CANT WAIT TO see the little one!

Anonymous said...

I love the story of how you met your husband! I love to hear peoples love stories! Thanks for sharing a little about your life. I enjoyed learning more about you. Have a good day!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Cute baby names! I love Kylee and Colin!
It was great reading the story on how you met your husband. I think it's so funny that you kept it a secret for so long!
I never wore maternity pants either. ;) I couldn't stand them, so I just wore my regular pants really low!

Annie said...

LOVED reading this!

Such a cute/funny story about how you and hubs met!! AND that you didnt tell your family for so long!!

LOVE the names...we thought about Nolan AND Ty as well!!

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