Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday!!


 I couldn't start of this post without any pictures. I have really been slacking with pictures lately!
I guess I think I have some kind of excuse or something. :)

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my 'new blog design,' I can't wait to change it.
I have figured out that this baby is so warm and cozy in me, that it doesn't want to find out what 10 degrees feels like. {I wouldn't either, after being so warm for so long}
Everyone is telling me, that just because I was planning on this one being early, like my other two, that it is going to be harder and harder each day that passes. Let me tell you, every morning I wake up, I am so bummed that I am still pregnant. :)
Come on little Bambino, please come meet us!
There will definitely be a lot of walking this weekend. Hopefully soon I will get to meet you little one!


We are off this morning to run  an errand to Michael's, to get some stuff for some Christmas presents and ornaments that we are going to make.
{Loading 4 kids in the car, in 16 degree weather and driving to the store to tote around 4 kids, who clearly don't want to be shopping....hmmmm! Well, off we go}

I will be back later with some fun photos I took last night of the kids and their daddy being silly on our Love Sac and also my thoughts on making baby food, so make sure to stop by later today.

Stay warm if you are in the frozen tundra and have a great Friday!!



Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope your little one comes soon! I remember feeling the same way with Lexie. We were told to expect her even earlier than Dylan, and she hung in there until 38 weeks. It was a blessing, but on the other hand, rough, because I was so prepared to have another early baby. Hang in there! Enjoy your day!

Amber said...

I completely feel your pain! I am so over being pregnant and so ready to meet this little man! I hope your's comes soon...who knows we may end up having them on the same day, LOL. Good luck!

Annie said...

I guess that I cant blake the little bambino for wanting to stay cozy! It is PAINFULLY cold here in MI today!!

Praying for you that something happens THIS WEEKEND!!

Amy said...

c'mon baby!!!!! i remember those last weeks....ugh! the pregnancy seems to fly by until those last few weeks....then they d-r-a-g!! hang in there!!

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