Thursday, January 7, 2010


Oh unmotivated I am!
This is my stack so far and I don't know where to continue. I don't know what to pack and what to keep out for the next few weeks.

I don't know how I packed our townhouse in a week and a half. {How stressful!}
Luckily we saved all the boxes from our last move, so we have boxes....{I just have to look for some more motivation.}
The kids are wondering where some of the stuff is going and Chase seems to think that I am selling everything in a garage sale. {He really is my kid...I LOVE garage sales}
Packing will pay off in the end right??!? We get to move into our own house and not deal with renting again...YEAH!
Ok, back to the boxes I go!

{DON'T FORGET} Today is the last day to sign up for the baby blog swap II. I will be drawing names for partners tomorrow. 


Like I can leave you without a picture...



Kristi said...

Just think of the next step, the step after packing, it will be rewarding! I guess this isn't really the time to ask, but I am kinda thinking I may want a new header and background. Wanted to see if you were willing to do it, and what you might charge. Just let me know when you get them time. No hurry.

The Undomestic Mom said...

Oh I hope your packing goes quickly :) and you have an easy move!

Stephanie said...

Oh I can't imagine packing with everything going on right now. You're doing an awesome job!!!!!

I just love the last picture-how sweet!!!!!! You are so blessed!

Paige said...

Your little ones are so beautiful!! I wish I had your energy! You're doing a wonderful job and you're soo inspiring as a Mother!

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