Saturday, January 9, 2010

Places of 'FUN'

Do any of you watch 'Shark Tank'?
It is a favorite show of ours and something on there last night caught my eye.....

There is a couple that created the business Romp n' Roll. The more I watched about this, the more jealous I got, that there isn't one even remotely close to us.  I am all about taking my kids different places to 'get their energy out.' Somewhere for them to run, jump, play and I can know that nothing is going to get broken. In the {frozen tundra}, it is hard to find fun things to do in the winter, on days when it is {below zero} outside.

Romp n' Roll, is exactly what we need here, or something very similar. I wish each and every mall would build an indoor play place like Ridgedale and Eden Prairie mall have. It is such a great idea and if you need to get some shopping done, you can bribe your kids give you kids time to play, after you are done shopping. They are also a great place to go, to meet people for play dates and to grab some coffee and take a few minutes for yourself, while the kids enjoy themselves. {We all need that once and awhile}
We are a big fan of Edinborough indoor play park too!
Lots of tubes, slides, jumpers, a theater and a huge gym to run and play in. By far the best $6.00 I've spent on child entertainment. {Oh and climbing through those tubes, is a workout in itself}

I really have thought about making a website, listing each state and then listing all the child related fun things to do in each city. Then moms/childcare providers/school etc...would be able to being up this website and find different fun things to do with kids. What do you think?!

Are there lots of child friendly fun indoor and outdoor things to do where you live?



Konstance said...

We have a TON of indoor play places in Denver, but nothing like the indoor playground you have near you. That place looks so awesome! We have indoor inflatable bounce houses, indoor trampoline, a childrens museum, every mall has a play place, a lot of arcades with both indoor and outdoor things like laser tag, put put, and go carts, and an indoor zip line monkey around type of place that I haven't tried yet. I know there are a ton more that I didn't list.

tricityty said...

We have bouncing bears which is lots of huge inflatables to play on or in.. and rascals which has a giant rubber pillow you can jump on, a few other inflatables, and plasma cars. We need more of a playground type thing for littler children. My girl does okay at rascals but at the other she would get run over! At the air force base in Anchorage (an hour from us) there is an indoor playground, small one for little ones and a bigger one for the older kids, rock climbing, indoor mini golf, arcade, pool tables, and gym for the moms to workout while watching their kids play. We live an hour from there so it is too far for us to go to alot!

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