Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Super mom?! & Homemade Baby Food

{I try to be!}

Lots of people ask how I do so much and get so much done with 3 kids. Well, I think my body runs off of doing many things. I think that is how I get {more} doing {more} things!
We do have a schedule that we base our day off of, but my kids are very adaptable and tag along with whatever my hubby and I choose to do. If we are going to a friends house and it is going to be later, we just bring toys, possibly a movie and some PJ's for them and when they get crabby, we head home. It's kinda like testing their patience, but in a nice way. They usually like where we go, so they have pretty good behavior. If we have a family event, and it is during nap time, the kids usually still come. Abby can sleep anywhere and Chase can do without a nap, if need be. They usually just fall asleep in the car.

As far as blogging...when I have 3 kids of my own and I watch up to 3 more...well, a lot of my posts are scheduled. I do write some posts and read quite a few during my sanity regaining time nap time too. Blogging is my me time and my day isn't the same without it.

I have always been one to add a lot to 'my plate.' When I used to waitress, they always said I was so skinny, becuase I would 'book it' through the restaurant and always be moving so fast. I think I was just busy, but everyone else said that is how I stayed so skinny. I would always take everyones extra tables, till I got 'scolded' by my manager, for taking on too many tables.

When I was pregnant with Makenzie, I would take the kids to the indoor play park, to get a break have them get rid of some energy. Usually, I would take as many kids that would fit in my car. The looks I got from people, not to mention the comments. Up to 4 kids under 4, and I was pregnant.

I always hear..".take a nap", "you should just relax", "I don't know how you do it," "Wow, there are a lot of things on your plate," etc. All these phrases make me smile and I actually love to hear them, cause it means I am making the most of my day...and usually enjoying it!

Homemade Baby Food
When I move into the new house, soon my newest task will be homemade baby food. I know people are torn about this subject...some people are all about it and some people want nothing to do with it. I personally think that it is better for your children (not that the store stuff is bad for them, just has preservatives and stuff that they don't need). I have made baby food in the past for Chase and Abigail and plan to start making it soon after we move into the new house. All you need is a food processor (even the Magic bullet or a blender would work) and some frozen and fresh foods...oh and a {few hours}.

Every few weekends, I have a 'baby food making day.' I get all the stuff I need to make tons of baby food and then I stock up for the weeks and months to come. I have tons of old plastic Gerber baby food containers, from the past few years of daycare. I use these to repackage my homemade baby food in and if I run out of them, I use ice cube trays. Here are a list of foods I make:


Sweet potatoes

Corn (8 months + and I strain these)
Spaghetti (8 months +)

Strawberries (8 months + and I strain these)

Rice (8 months +)
Chicken (8 months +)

I am sure there are more that I didn't think of. Any-who...all these freeze great, except of course the bananas...they do turn brown, but still taste good. They can be a little less convenient, when you are out and about and have to feed your child, but in the long run {in my opinion} are much cheaper, taste better and are better for your children.

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Mommy3 said...

I also enjoyed making my own baby food for the children. And from like 8 months + I'd also make them like chicken noodle when I made chicken noodle soup for the rest of the family and I even pureed cauliflower soup for both and they enjoyed that too. :) And I would just have a few gerber containers in the house to pop in the baby bag if we were going out. But at home they ate the homemade stuff.

Jessi said...

I do everything natural and environmentally friendly. I had never even thought about making baby food until reading a few blogs lately.

We're ttc our 3rd and I do believe I will make my own baby food.

I think you're super woman. I hear it a lot too, although my plate is a lot less full than yours. But hey, it makes us happy!

Kelli W said...

I made homemade babyfood for my youngest and it was so easy! And way cheaper too! Though I didn't make much more than bananas, sweet potatoes, and green beans!

the single mama said...

I'd love to make my own babyfood! Will you do a post on it?

Annie said...

you ARE super mama!!

I never made baby food for Blake...i WISH that I would have..and did think about it. Maybe next time, huh?!?

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you push yourself to be the best you can for your husband and children. I know I try to do the same! I hope your enjoying your new home and getting settled.

Meant to be a mom said...

You seriously are super mom, Its amazing to me. You even make your own baby food, That's wonderful. And such a great idea.

Rachel H. said...

I'm definitely going to make my own baby food...I've got a book, and when he ready, I'll be doing it too. Much cheaper and healthier! :)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

You are so much more effcient than I. I wish I had your energy. Could you just send some on over?

I do agree though...the more you have to do...the more you get done.

Stephanie said...

I think it's great that you're taking on the baby food. Looking back now I wish it was something I had tried when mine were eating it.

I'm with you on the energy too-you have to keep going because I find if I stop then it's over. That's when I get lazy so I just keep moving and staying busy and I'm fine.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

You really sound so much like me! We have a lot of the same parenting philosophies. I like to keep really busy, too. You seem very happy, so stick with what you're doing!
I made baby food for Lexie, and enjoyed it. It was very easy to do! I fed her jarred food, as well, but I did try to make it as often as I could.
You are a wonderful mom!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

You are officially a "Super Mom" in my book! :-)

Emily said...

I'm hoping to make baby food for Asher when the time comes. If you have time (ha!) please post some details on how you make your baby food! :o)

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