Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life never stops

Being a mom entitles you to no not much rest.
When you are {sick} the kids don't understand why you aren't really up for playing Barbies, painting a picture or setting up the race track. 
They just want to play {and you just want to sleep.}

This is how I felt yesterday and this is how I feel today.
I can't kick this headache and my throat is swollen and hurts. My sinus have some major pressure and all around, I really just want to stay in bed. 
{Where is my nurse?}

I don't get sick very often, but when I do it isn't fun. {the again, being sick at all, is NEVER fun!}

I have 4 kids, of whom all would love my attention. I have a little 4 year old spitfire, that tries to get away with everything, when he knows I'm not 100%. {What is one to do?}

The laundry doesn't wash itself, lunch doesn't get made by my imaginary cook and the work I have to do, really can't wait any longer. 
{What is a girl to do?!}

I really can't wait for Friday, it's time this mama, had some down time!

I hope your day has started better than mine!
(Thanks for letting me vent) 


Sheila said...

Aww - if you weren't so many states away....I would come help you out! I know it's ROUGH when momma's are sick!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are sick! Hope you can get better soon.

Nicole said...

I've been this way too. I have the same symptoms and have been told I have RSV. Any little amount of activity wipes me out. And, I'm never sick!
Hope you get to feeling better, too! It's so hard being a mama sometimes!

chris said...

Fine time for your Mother in Law to be going out of town.. Sorry Kel

Angie said...

I can definitely relate, Mom's NEVER get a sick day! Hope you feel better soon. It's almost Friday, hang in there.

Paige said...

Love your heart! I hope that you get better!

Stephanie said...

I totally get that feeling! I hate when my husband gets sick he stays home and goes to bed but when I'm sick I still have to do everything around the house and the kids. Drives me insane!

I hope you feel much better soon!

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