Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Makenzie's Baptism

What a great day! Makenzie got baptized on Sunday and she did great on her big day. We had lots of family there and had a wonderful brunch after the service at our house.
 Family photo in front of the baptismal fountain

 Pastor Jon baptising Makenzie {She did great and didn't even cry}

Chase with his best buddy Rara
 Our family of 5

 Picture with the godparents {Adam and Christy}

 My brother's family and Chase

 Eating the delicious brunch
 The gorgeous {and delicious} cake that Christy, Makenzie's godmother, made

 Makenzie and Christy

 Abigail opening Makenzie's gifts

 Adorable little girl with a very fake smile {guess she learns that one from me}

 The godparents

 Makenzie and auntie Kate

 Smiley little girl

 Such a beautiful girl

 Me and my muffin {please ignore the fact that our skin is the same pale white, we do live in the frozen tundra}

 One pooped little guest of honor

Down for the count with her daddy...
 Chase was exhausted too, remote in hand and all



Jessica said...

SO sweet! She is beautiful!

Sheila said...

Adorable pics! Thanks so much for sharing!!! And love the one of chase with remote, in hand! JUST LIKE A MAN!!

Mary said...

Congrats! Looked like a perfect day. :) She looks beautiful.

I saw the blanket at he end. Are you guys Packers fans??

Stephanie said...

Those are all beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful time and you got some great pictures to go along with it.

I haven't forgotten about you things have just been a little crazy around here. I'm putting your check in the mail tomorrow.

Mary said...

Oh what a bummer you're not a Packers fan. :) That's so funny you have Vikings on the other side. Great idea! I think a lot of our family would like us to have our 2 Packers blankets like that. But we are full Packers fans here! :)

Heather said...

What a special and beautiful day! I had to snicker at that last photo. So cute!! God bless your precious family!

Annie said...

What an exciting day!! She is just too cute!!
Love your shirt :)

Laura said...

Looks like a wonderful day, great pictures too!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

What a special day for your little Princess! She looked so cute in her gown.
Abigail looked absolutely adorable-I love her hair like that.

JC said...

Ok, what kind of camera do you have? I want one!

Molly said...

These pictures are seriously adorable, and make me want a 3rd kiddo incredibly BAD ;)

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tabby said...

Kelly- You had commented on my blog the other week, so I thought I'd check out yours! I thought your last name sounded familiar -what a small world!! I saw Adam Wallschlaeger in this post and he married Katie Oxborough -right??? I don't know Katie, but I do know Adam from college. I went to Campus Crusade's summer project in North Myrtle Beach with Adam. I thought it was neat that I had recognized your last name from Adam's Facebook page. I haven't talked to Adam in a long time though...tell him hi for me :)

I enjoyed looking at your blog. What a cute family!

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