Sunday, February 14, 2010

Productive Day!

What a day! 
Today we got so much done, the hubby and I were so productive. {We were alone as a family this weekend, just the 5 of us and the dog, Katie and Adam were out of town and Mauer was at grandmas}
We woke up {after sleeping later than we have in years} and hung some pictures in our family room, so our walls weren't so bare. The family room is Brian's sports themed room, we have sports pictures hanging on the wall and sports memorabilia on the bookshelves.
Then we cleaned up the house and put things away. {I am OCD with being a neat/clean freak}
Next we headed to the garage. We have a huge garage and it is 1/2 full of Adam and Katie's things, for when they buy their own house. All of our boxes are unpacked and there is just stuff that needs a home in the garage, but we can finally park a car in there. We ventured up in the attic and put some things away in there. We took all the kids bigger outside toys and put them in the 2 season porch. {Nice and clean garage...woohoo!}

Yesterday we bought a huge canvas for the kids to paint. We set up the kitchen table with paints and Chase painted our family and Abby just painted colors. It turned out pretty cute and will either go in the playroom or in the dining room, until we take some pictures this summer to hang there.

We made a fabulous dinner {Beer battered chicken, pasta and peas} The kids ate great {we think they are going through a growth spurt} and now we are all hanging out watching the Olympics by the fire. {have I mentioned how much I LOVE our fireplaces}

Some popcorn is calling my name {I am addicted to popcorn and my kids are following in my footsteps} and then some QT with the hubby when the kids hit the hay.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a memorable Valentine's day!

{Partners will be e-mailed tomorrow}



Tanielle said...

THANK YOU!!!!! So much for the awesome swap package!! I loved it!!! Such cute things, and I love the spoon, I'd never seen one of those, so very anxious to try it out! Hope all is well there! Thanks again! P.s. wanted to participate in the new blog swap, but hubby asked I take a break for a bit.:)

Linds said...

I am a popcorn addict too! My husband seriously questions my problem sometimes... ha!
I gave your blog an award today! Check it out when you get a chance :o)

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love my newborn pictures too! She is growing so fast and if I blink I am afraid I will miss something. Your kids are beautiful.

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