Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I love!

    Want to know some of my favorites?!

Bins to organize things in {with labels are a bonus}

Painted toe nails {Mine are always painted}

Chapstick {I think my lips are addicted}

The color pink {I love pink!}

High heels {I wear them whenever I can}

Sweet tarts {they are my favorite candy}

Apples {I could eat one everyday}

Sunsets {They are so beautiful!}

A glass of wine {I prefer a blush}
Camping {we go at least once a summer}
My camera {I don't go many places without it)

Caribou {I love coffee}

Mountains {Colorado mountains to be exact}

Gerber Daisies {my favorite flower}

Fuzzy slippers {pink to be exact}

Popcorn {don't watch a movie without it}

What things do you love?!



Heather said...

Some of those are my favorites too! Especially the Gerber Daisies! Love them! (and hydrangeas!).

Heidi said...

Ha ha we have a lot in common! I too love organizational stuff, painted toe nails, chapstick, pink, apples, sunsets, camping, coffee (never had Caribou though), mountains (although I prefer my Smoky Mtns), Gerber daisies & slippers! Love heels too but can't hack teaching in them all day!

Molly said...

Pretty sure I love most all of the same things, ha ha! Good choices :)

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