Monday, March 22, 2010

'Not Me' Monday

This week I was not down for the count with some crud that is going around. It was not me who spent every minute that I could in bed, doing nothing. 
I would never lay with Makenzie and cuddle when the chance came up, especially when I was trying to avoid her getting sick.

These are not my adorable children getting along so well, while their mama tries to get better. They do not look completely innocent in this picture.

This is not what happens when mama is sick in bed all week and Abby doesn't want to be in PJ's anymore. She did not pick this entire very colorful outfit out by herself.

My husband would never send me this picture this weekend, while he was in Vegas and I was home sick with all 3 kids. He did not go to Vegas for 4 days with his friends for an early birthday present and for March Madness. He did not come home with more money than he left with.

We did not finally get outside to play baseball this weekend. When we were outside watching our 'little wanna be Joe Mauer' in action, we did not attract some neighbors to join in.

Speaking of Joe Mauer...there is no way he FINALLY signed with the Twins for 8 years this weekend, for 23 million dollars a year. {Holy Cow!!!!!} That equals out to about $150,000 a game. That is one NICE job!

Have a great week, we are excited to be back on our feet!



Mary said...

I think that outfit that Abby picked out is cute! That picture is adorable.

JC said...

I agree. The outfit is cute! A lot better than what Summer sometimes puts together for herself.

MamaMonki said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Kelli W said...

It's always tough when mom is sick, and even worse when dad isn't home! I hope you are feeling better now!

Meant to be a mom said...

Love the outfit Abby picked out. And I don't blame you for cuddling when you could. Thats horrible that your sick and home without the hubs. I hope you get better quickly.

Annie said...

Cutest pic of Chase and Abby EVER!! Glad that you are starting to feel better....we had it bad too!!!

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