Friday, April 9, 2010

Haning with the Garskis

Something Chase asks me at least once a week..."Can we go to the Garski's mama?!"
This is something my mom heard me say many many times when I was about 13 years old. I would take every chance I got to go play with these kids {even if I wasn't babysitting them}
I adored their family and they made me feel like I was their family.
When I met them, Trevor (the oldest in yellow) was 3 years old, Avery (the middle boy in white) was 1 year old and Sydney (the girl in green) wasn't even born yet. I went everywhere with their family. I went to Disney World, up North, road trips and more places that I even went with my own family {well, maybe not}

Check out this post from the last time I posted about the Garskis

 They are like my second family!

When I met Brian in 2000, they welcomed him with open arms and even loved him more than me {is that possible?!}
They would ask me, when I came over, "Where is Brian?" {he would be working}

To see these kids all grown up and Trevor in High school, just amazes me! 
 I met him when he was a baby and here he is with my baby.

Avery {who has the nickname Bubba} just adores my kids too. He is so good with Chase, always playing baseball outside with him, when we come over. Playing video games with him. Chase loves going over to play.

I see a lot of myself in Sydney. She is just like me at that age. Loves babies and playing with little kids. She loves to 'tote' Chase and Abby around and play with them. She adores Makenzie and is a very big help with holding her and wanting to help change her. 

Trevor is almost taller than me {he might even have passed me up by now}

Their puppy LOVED Makenzie. They laid together for most of the morning.

 Whenever we go over to their house, we end up bringing a ton of toys home. 
My kids think it is Christmas. This last time that we went over there, the kids barely fit in the car on the way home...{no really...they barely fit}

{See, I told you!}

The kids love everything they gave us and the best part is...
When I used to babysit them, I played with the toys they gave us, with them. 
(It brings back tons of memories)

They love the crain machine! It grabs candy and plays a {lovely} circus song. 

They sit in their recliners all the time. {I possible even test one out now and then}

Even Makenzie likes to lounge in them!

The rocket launcher is a huge hit with Chase!
He also has played his ginormous golf game and Rock em' Sock em' robots daily!

And Abby, my little animal lover, loves her talking and purring cat.
She also got a huge box of Littlest Pet Shop animals and toys for them, I don't think she has put them away since we brought them home.

Thank you so much Cindi, Todd, Trev, Avery and Syd! 
My kids love spending time with you, just as I do! They love the toys and will get many more years of use out of them.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! Isn't it a blessing to have friends dear enough to us that they are as close to us as family. I know I feel so blessed for people like that in my life! Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

Very cute! Looks like your families are very close!! Those little mini recliners are great!!

Unknown said...

Oh Kelly You are so sweet... The shocking thing for us is that not only are our kids getting older....You were only thirteen and now we are seeing you guys have kids AHHHHHH!! Wow we must be getting older too!! You are truely a part of the family and will always be!! We have the videos to prove it! We love you guys and can't wait till our next visit!!
Love, Cindi

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

What a wonderful family! You are blessed to have such great friends.
I love the picture of Makenzie with the puppy and the one of Abby and Makenzie in the recliner!

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