Friday, April 23, 2010

Help Please!!

I {REALLY} need your help! I am not a great decorator, nor am I creative {with decorating}. 
Look at my family room.....

{the only thing cute about this room are the adorable children on the couch..ready for nap}

These are the colors of the pillows in this room, and my hubby likes the blue color {he might be saying that so I don't go buy new pillows} either way, I want to bring that blue color in somehow.

Does anyone have any ideas to spice up this room?? I am open for {ANY} ideas. This is my weak area...decorating!
What would you do to this room!?

On a different note!
I am {SO} glad we didn't decided to remove this berry tree....look at it now!

 What is your opinion on landscape brinks around trees??

Here is my neighbors tree...I like it and want to do it to our other tree out front...what do you think?

Thanks for any ideas you may have!

Happy Friday!! 


Amy said...

Yes, I like the brick idea but only when they are not like right up tight to the tree... I have seen a few times where it almost looks like the tree is crowded! But yes if you go with a large enough circle around the tree I like this idea!

You could try maybe some sheer curtains in your family room in the color you like. Maybe some decretive curtain rods with those things to tie the curtain back when you want the light to come in.

I am not the best at decorating. I always think my place is cluttered... but hard to get around that with 4 kids and daycare!

Heather said...

Definitely bring that color in with some full length drapes. Walmart has great curtains at great prices actually! If they are not 84 inch windows, you can order online or make your own by buying fabric. :) Maybe a nice chunky blue throw too would break up the beige. :D
I like the way you have your tree. It looks more "natural." And it is GORGEOUS!

Mary said...

Biggest thing I thought right away is window treatments! But I am horrible at decorating so that is all I can give you. Haha :)

Heidi said...

Personally, I like the mulch around your tree better than the bricks. Looks more natural to me. Idk though, my yard is MESS!

As for the living room, I'd say curtains/drapes for sure. That will break up the space more. & I LOVE iron pieces on the wall. I have a cool paver (I think that's what it's called) that I got from Southern Living at Home. Have you heard of them? I used to be a consultant for them & I LOVE their stuff!
Check it out!

Erin said...

I would maybe grab the blue out of the pillow and do one wall the blue an then take another color out of the pillow a tan or something and do the rest of the walls the tan. Thats just my idea though :)

As far as the outside yes I love how your neighbors looks. That is how it is around our trees in the front and I plan to do a big retaining wall in the front if we ever have money again.

Paige said...

I agree with Erin! I would use the items and colors that you like as accents but I would do the walls in a tan or some "neutral" color so that if you ever want to redecorate it will be 10 times easier! Btw, that tree is beautiful!

Nicole said...

I'm with Erin too. I would do one shade darker than the blue in your pillows, on one wall, and a tan on the others. Hang decorative rods on the windows and buy long drapes, in chocolate brown. You can just leave them open but they will be dramatic. Is that how your furniture is placed normally? You might have to consider bringing it more to the center of the room to make room for the drapes.

Candice said...

I actually how your tree looks better. It's more natural. I say leave it! :)

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