Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Winners & updated family room

The winner for the
      giveaway is...#2
Leann over at Magical Memories
Congrats Leann, please e-mail me your address, so I can get it to Amanda.

The winner for the 
giveaway is... #62
Brandi over at Brandi's Blessings

Congrats Brandi, please e-mail me your address, so I can get it to Darlene.

Remember when I asked for your help on my family room??
This blah room...
Well, here is the start to a better looking room....

Now, should I do blinds, with a drape over a rod or just drapes with a lining {to not let in light, to see the TV}
I am so bad at this and would love some more input. 
I will also be on the search for a chunky blue throw for the love seat.

Should I do something like this over the sliding door?
{keep in mind, this is my hubby's sports room, so I have no say in the pictures on the walls or the decor on the bookshelves. I am just doing as much as I can, before he says 'Stop!'} :)
 I didn't get to the bathroom the other day, so that is my project to get done before the weekend.
Wish me luck, painting bathrooms is not fun!


Brandi said...

Oh my goodness! I never thought I'd win!

Thank you so much!

My email is brandi.elam@yahoo.com

I'm so excited! :)

Nicole said...

I would do chocolate brown drapes just like in that picture, on both the sliding door and the windows. Very "manly", yet stylish!

Sheila said...

Great job! You are fast! LOL!
And yes - I personally, love the pic of the curtain you posted! :) Go for it!!!

A said...

Great Job!!! I love the choice of color, very nice!! It already looks much better (not that it looked bad before). The darker color frames the windows and makes the room feel more inviting.

Curtains - we have some 'blackout' curtains for my husband's 'man room'. They are faux-suede and get the room completely black. They look similar to the ones you posted. I think you should consider Chocolate curtains. Blue on blue might not have the same effect as chocolate on blue.

Your on your way - isn't decorating FUN!!!! :)

Nicholas and Megan said...

I would do drapes only...long that puddle on the floor just a bit :)

LeAnn said...

Whoo Hoo! Thanks Kelly!

tricityty said...

I think curtains are good over a sliding glass door. I tried faux wood blinds on mine and they were too heavy so we just did curtains. So I think both windows should match. I would do the lining and curtains. We have faux wood blinds in our living room and you can see the sun through and it bothers my eyes with the tv. I have to close curtains over the blinds to see the tv if it is sunny out. Just some of my past experience for ya! Looks great so far!

Christen said...

Wow! The color did SO much to that room! Love the color!

Meant to be a mom said...

The living room looks SOO GOOD! I absolutely love the color and the pictures you put up. Good job!

Heather said...

I love your blue wall! And I'm with the other ladies...chocolate curtains! :D

Erin said...

oh love the color! Looks way better :)

Molly said...

It looks awesome! I think curtains like that would look really good. Great color!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

The color looks awesome! I would do a lined drape on a pretty curtain rod!

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