Friday, June 25, 2010

Abby's New Stage

Abby's always been a little shy, but never like this. 
She's always been a little weary of strangers, but never of family.
She's always been clingy to us, but never this much.

Please help!

{Tell me this is just a stage she's going through}

 I can't even go to a relative's birthday and not have her on me like a leach.
I am not a fan of my kids hanging on me, like I am a jungle gym, when we are in public. It is getting out of control with Abby. Her new thing is to not talk to anyone, besides our immediate family {sometimes not even them} To be extremely shy and then when someone talks to her, she comes and clings onto me for dear life.

What is this all about?!

Why now, when she is almost 3? She has separation anxiety pretty bad as an infant...but she has always been pretty outgoing, once she takes 5 minutes to get to know you. {then you can't get her to be quiet}

Has anyone else run into this? If so, please help, what can I do?
I usually just try and ignore it {and pretend she isn't hanging onto me and ignoring everyone around her}
I am very outgoing, my hubby is outgoing and for the most part, so is Chase! {not sure where this is coming from}


On another note! 
I will be drawing partners for the BABY BLOG SWAP III TONIGHT!

Please e-mail me at, if you are interested in participating in this swap.



Stephanie said...

Different age but Allie is going through it right now too. My mom would come over and watch her during the school year for a couple of hours while I went and helped with the kids classes and she'd cry the entire time I was gone. I mean horrible!!!!

Don't know why she's doing it right now but it's so painful for her and me too I think :) Hope it gets better soon!!! Allie does better right now but I think it's bc it's summer and I'm not leaving anymore. Haha

Nicole said...

You'll soon learn that EVERYTHING is a stage! Hang in there!

Meant to be a mom said...

I haven't personally experienced this. But my best friends 5 year old daughter (Abbi, Coincidence?) is and has gone through the same thing. When we try to force her to talk to us or even acknowledge us she gets upset and runs off or looks angry and ignores you even worse while clinging to her mom.
I think its just a stage and they are hoping as she gets older she will loosen up a bit. Hopefully that will be the same with your Abby.

Heather said...

My middle daughter did the same thing at 3. Maybe a middle child thing? :D Anyway, she did outgrow it and now she's friendly with everyone. But just to be sure, talk to her and make sure nothing has happened to make her afraid of people. You never know if someone she didn't know scared her while you were in Colorado or something.
Either way, this too shall pass. :D

Nicki said...

I don't have kids of my own, because I'm 13?
But anyway, my sister was veryyy shy. We didn't know what to do. She just didn't talk to anyone at all. My mom told be it was just a stage she was going through, and she was right. Now she is six and she never stops talking. Never. :/
- nicki xo

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