Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Bees!

Why is summer so much harder to stay caught up?!

We have been out doing work on our 'pond/waterfall' this weekend. The one the hubby was so excited to re-do, that I posted about here. With the daycare, licensing says we have to get rid of it or put a fence around it. {Lot of work to do both}
The hubby isn't very happy, he was so excited to re-do it and make it look good. Now, we have to level the whole thing and put grass over it all.

This weekend we...
Fixed up our 2 season porch and got a lot of work done on that {it still needs a ton more},
we celebrated the hubby's 30th birthday with friends and family, we celebrated my sister-in-laws 26th birthday, we cleaned, we organized, we went to our weekend store {Home Depot} and we tried to relax when possible.

I have tons of pictures to upload, some more giveaways to offer all of you and some 'good reading' posts. 

 My weeks are crazy these is a preview into my week...
Monday- work till 5pm, softball from 8:15-10:15
Tuesday- work till 5pm, Chase's baseball from 5:30-6:30, remove rocks out of the pond
Wednesday- work till 5pm, music in Plymouth from 5:30-10:30
Thursday- work till 5pm, softball from 6:15-8:15
Friday- work till 5pm, finish fixing up stuff for the final licensing walk through, clean out garage

Don't forget to enter in my giveaway from Baby Flair {on my right sidebar} is the last day to enter!

(the hubby blowing out his candles)

 (We bought him a softball bat for his birthday)
(Chase helped pick it out)


Linds said...

OMG, Brayden would LOVE that big soccer ball! He loves the big balls like that outside of our Target. What a cute idea at a sports store!

Heather said...

Ha! When I saw the "Kohler" box I thought "you got him a toilet?" :D Glad it was a bat disguised in a box :D

Jessica said...

Wow you are busy! There's so much going on during summer!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures!
Our summer has been crazy this year, as well!

Stephanie said...

What a cool soccer ball picture! Hope you get everything done - you have quiet a to do list :)

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