Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July...really late!

4th of July!    

My mother in law put out our tarp VERY early, to stake our place! Look how full it already was.

Abby loves her auntie Katie!
My beautiful blue eyed princess!

My handsome little all star!

She {might} be becoming a little bit of a daddy's girl!
BUT She still thinks her mama is the best! :)

Family photo with papa

30 toes, 30 fingers, 3 beautiful smiles....PRICELESS!
My girls with their papa

Family photo #2
(They don't all cooperate very well with distracting things around them)

My gorgeous little muffin!

Me and three huge pieces of my heart!

Learning how to play cribbage with uncle Adam

Beautiful girl!

Ladies in red! Oh how I love that little smile!

Time for the fire works!
(you can even see Kenzie sleeping in her car seat in the background)

Hope everyone had a good 4th!
(better late than never!)


Jessica said...

Great pictures & oh my gosh I am loving Makenzie's "Miss America" outfit! I may just have to get one of those made for Averly next year! TOO CUTE!

Candice said...

Better late than never indeed!

That's the cutest Miss America I have ever seen. She gets my vote!!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

These pictures are so sweet Kelly. You have such a beautiful family!

Heather said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures!!! The blue eyed girls are beauties! Love that one of you and Kenzie smiling!! What a blessed little family!

Leah D said...

Very cute!

Paige said...

These are some fabulous pictures! Abigail's blue eyes really do stand out, she is truly a all 3 of the kids! I also love Makenzie's dress! So adorable!

Erin said...

love love love all those pictures!! :) Super cute! You looks great in red!

Stephanie said...

Those are wonderful pictures! I can't believe how full it was so early on.

I adore Mackenzie's dress- that is the coolest thing EVER!

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