Monday, July 12, 2010

I didn't fall off the earth!

WOW...10 days since I last blogged.
I needed the break to catch up and I still have catching up to do.

First and foremost I wanted to announce the winner of the
giveaway is...
{my lucky number}
Stephanie over at Houghton Happenings
Stephanie, please e-mail me at, within 48 hours
(Sorry for the delay and I promise to be more timely) 
My camera is on it's way to Cannon to get fixed...I turned it on the other day, after taking pictures the night before, and it had an error on the screen and it won't let me take pictures with the flash.
My camera is a lot like my cell phone. I can't live without it. I LOVE taking pictures and it is so hard to go without it.....
LUCKY for all of you, I have a stock pile of pictures to share, since I have been MIA!

Please tell me I am not the only one out there with a 'To-Do' list that is getting longer and not shorter.


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Sorry to hear about your camera! I upgraded my DSLR this year, but kept my 1st DSLR just so I'll always have a backup! ;)
My To Do list keeps getting longer, too. We're so busy that nothing is getting checked off, and I just keep adding to it!

Stephanie said...

Girl you should see my to do list!

I hate your camera is messed up - I'd go crazy!!!!!!

Missed you around here but been thinking of you. You have been keeping busy.

Linds said...

I think a mommy's to-do list is always revolving, never shortening.

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about your camera. I would totally be lost too without mine. Can't wait to see pictures! And no, you are totally not the only one with a growing to-do list! Every time I actually mark something off I add at least 2 more things! It never ends!!

Erin said...

Glad they are going to be able to fix your camera and its under warranty!

I need to get going on the birthday pictures :)

Unknown said...

My To Do List seems like it's always getting LONGER AND LONGER! Yay, so excited I won! I sent you an email.

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