Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Years Ago...

I was going to work and I was 34 weeks pregnant....
 I got through most of my day...up until snack time (I nannied)...I went to sit down with the kids and {pop} I felt like I peed my pants. I was so confused. {I was told that I would most likely be pregnant till 40-41 weeks} I quickly got up and googled...'What happens when your water breaks' and read up to see if that is what happened. That or I just peed my pants.
I called my hubby at work at told him I thought my water broke...he said, "I am busy, I can't talk."
Now I started to panic.
I called my midwife and she told me to come in to her clinic.
So I called the hubby back and this time I said, 'Don't hang up, my water broke and I have to go in.'
His response...'Oh my gosh, why didn't you say so.'
We had out first baby on September 7th, 2005 at 5:12 pm.

This brings me to today...5 years later! Wow!
To think 5 years ago, this little man, made me a mommy.
ONE                         TWO

THREE                          FOUR


You are growing up so fast!

You 'live' to play baseball 
You love McDonalds and Subway
You love playing the Wii
You love to be outside
You are an awesome big brother!
You love to be the center of attention
You can ride a two wheeler
You are becoming very independant
You idolize Joe Mauer
You love doing art work
You are a daddy's boy

Happy 5th birthday little man. We love you so much!


Kristen said...

Aww..he gets cuter every year!

Heather said...

He was so teeny! Happy Birthday! Five is a big deal! :) Is he starting kindergarten this year??

Unknown said...

I don't even know you and this post made me cry! I have a 2 1/2 year old boy, who was my first, and he's my baby. Everyday I look back at baby pictures of him I have hanging and still see my little baby in my little mans eyes. Its nice to see someone else hold onto those memories!

Brittany said...


Dee said...

He is soooo cute! Happy Birthday buddy!!!

Kelly said...

He is adorable and I love the pictures from each year! My little guy just turned 5 last month...it goes way too quickly :(

Pink said...

aww congrats mommy !! and a happy birthday to your sweet boy.

Stephanie said...

He's so handsome! It just breaks my heart when they go from looking like little boys to handsome big boys. Oh how I wish they didn't grow so fast!

Hope he had a great day!!!!!

Brandi said...

Happy birthing day!! It flies by doesn't it!!! Your bday boy is such a cutie!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

So sweet Kelly... they grow up so fast! Hope your son has a Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday!! They grow up so fast.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Chase!
I love his 5 year picture! What a handsome little guy!

Erin said...

Hope he had a wonderful Birthday!!

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