Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Finally} Camping part 1

Once again, we headed out to our annual camping trip with both families. We had so much fun and the kids {loved} it! The temperature was perfect, only one night of rain and not too many bugs.
Sibling {love}!

My blue eyed muffin. She loved hanging out on the blanket playing

Caught licking the butter knife, when I was putting away the bread

Abby ready for her bike ride

This is how he started the camping trip....     this is how he ended it!      

Sitting in her chair, eating a morning snack

They played so well, the whole trip!

At the beach! She loved the sand and sun!

The water was a bit cold, but they loved it
My little fishes!
Kenzie loved the beach... much that it pooped her out!
Both of them fell asleep on their bike ride with papa
Kenzie...the best little camper!
Sitting in a big girl chair

Our campsite....until my parents came with their camper


Linds said...

I can't believe your big kids fell asleep in the bike trailer like that... so sweet!

Mommy3 said...

oh I love the one of Kenzie in the big girl chair! All your kids look so happy. Glad they all had a good time! You are making me so excited for when we have our 3 together! :)

Erin said...

love all the pictures. Do your parents and Brians parents go?

Heather said...

Great pictures!! I love that first one of Kenzie! Her expression is awesome!
And I have to in the world do you get rid of training wheels? I have spent hours out in the front yard holding the back of the bike until my back ached...and still no luck.

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