Monday, September 13, 2010



Everyone LOVES a deal...right!?

So, here is what I have for you...

All my template photo cards are $10...that is it! You can print as many cards are you'd like, anywhere you'd like. You get to choose the colors, words, details and pictures. Let me do the rest!

Custom cards are $13. You tell me the theme, colors, details and how many pictures and I will come up with a card that you'll love.

If you refer someone to my Etsy shop, that makes a purchase, I will give you $5 off your next card. Birthday, Christmas, name it!

Check out my shop, I have many new designs and I love doing custom work!

E-mail me with any questions... Koxborough [at] yahoo (dot) com


Becca said...

Is that site still down for my sidebars?

Unknown said...

We ordered my daughters Halloween costume from GiGi Stitches...suppose to get it today. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Ps your Blog is too cute...going to browse around on it now.

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