Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Central & Winner

Happy Halloween!
We have some fun Halloween stuff planned this weekend!! We started out Friday with our daycare Halloween party, then we have a Halloween Parade and pot luck in our friends neighborhood, followed by trick-or-treating.
The kids are SO excited. Here they are all dressed in their costumes...

Chase (5 years)

 Abby (3 years)

Kenzie (10 months)
Here are the kids last year
                                Abby (2)                      Chase (4)                  Kenzie (2 months till birth)

 ADORABLE siblings!

Here is our daycare crew in their costumes!
{they are all too cute!}


The winner of the 
Giveaway is
Erin over at The Schuler Family

(congrats Erin! You have 48 hours to e-mail me, then I will draw a new winner.)


Heather said...

Love that horse princess costume! My girls would go nuts over it!! :) Such cuties!

Jessica said...

Ha! I love that horse/princess costume! Riley is that purple dragon this year & Averly's costume looks a lot like the ladybug...actually I thought it was a ladybug when I bought it, then I realized it's a lovebug bc the spots are heart-shaped. :) Happy Halloween! Hope y'all have a fun weekend!

Unknown said...

Adorable kiddos Kelly =) I love the belly shot with the pumpkin, super cute!

Mary said...

I love all of their costumes! They are so cute. Hope you guys have fun tomorrow :)

Leah D said...

I love Abby's smile this year in her picture and Kenzie's cheeks!! Super cute once again!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

They all look so cute dressed up!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

The kids look cute in their costumes! I love the flashback pics, too!

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Great, great costumes! Very cute, I love that you have a parade at daycare!

Annie said...

Cute costumes!! Love all of the pictures :)

Erin said...

i cant believe I won :) yippy!!!

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