Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kenzie's 1st Birthday!

She is ONE!   

 Kenzie's 1st birthday was a blow snow out!
I spent months dreaming of her 1st birthday and days getting ready for it. 
{decorations...the cake...the party bags...the menu}

 I can't believe my little muffin is ONE! These past 12 months have flew by faster than lightening! Time definetly goes faster with the more kids you have. 
(If I have a 4th, I better not blink!)

 The decorations!

Cookie dough pops! So YUMMY!
The party bags! (I designed the labels myself)

 The food table
Her 1-12 months pictures in a banner!

Her high chair with her birthday hat & birthday pictures!

 The eating area! (I LOVE the pom poms!)
 Her birthday banner!

The food and kids table!

The birthday girl!

She's ready to party!

Looking outside at our 7+ inches of snow
(we got a total of 17 inches)

Party Time!
A few people showed up to help us celebrate!
(THANKS AGAIN to all who came!)

The birthday girl opening presents!

Mommy had to help

"I don't want to open anymore, I just want to play!"

 Kenzie and Avin 
(about 1 month apart)
Wearing her princess crown

Loves toys that make noise :)
Baby party!
The Cake!
 A big thank you to her godmother for helping me make the cake!!

Abby and Alex
So cute!
Trying on her birthday hat.
Time for cake!
(she was sleepy)

 A VERY fun party, despite the blizzard!

(One year post to come on Friday, her actual birthday)


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

She looked adorable! I'm sorry it got snowed out, but that's great that a few people were able to attend!

Jessica said... cute! I love the colors! She looked adorable in her birthday outfit! Hope everything is going great for y'all. I can't believe you got 17 in of snow!!! We don't even know how to act with a couple in down here in the south! Haha!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

Great job on the party.. those cookie dough pops look delish! I love her little outfit and all the decorations. I still can't believe all that snow. I wouldn't know the first thing to do with myself. Crazy!

Candice said...

Looks like a great party. Sometimes a smaller shindig is better for the little ones.

Erin said...

we had a blast and I am so glad we could make it!! Worth the snowy crazy drive!!!

Love all the pictures!

Paige said...

What an adorable party for such a beautiful girl! I'm so sorry that it snowed, but happy people were still able to make it! I absolutely love the colors and her outfit is way to darling for words!

Megs said...

Just stumped across your blog for first time. Aw, I love the pictures. Kenzie outfit is so cute, where did you get them and the leggings?! So cute!!

And I cant believe yall had that much snow already!

Jennifer said...

Kelly, you did a beautiful job with the party. Mackenzie looked absolutely beautiful and I loved her outfit! Happy 1st Birthday!!

Lea Liz said...

What an adorable birthday party, you did an awesome job!!!
I love her brithday outfit!

Becca said...

Oh how fun! Everything looks so great! You did a good job Momma!

Happy Birthday to that sweet girl TOMORROW!! How in the world did that fly by so fast?!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog; yours is ADORABLE! I LOVE this birthday party; what a beautiful little girl you have here!

Stephanie said...

I am LOVING her outfit!!!! Precious! I saw on facebook that the weather was bad that day - I'm glad some people were able to make it!

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