Monday, December 20, 2010

My Muffin is 1 year old!

(a few days late) 
 Kenzie Grace

Where has the past year gone. I can't believe 365 days ago we were beginning our life as a family of 5! 
I couldn't be any happier getting my girl #2!!

At ONE year old...
* You are walking (You'd rather crawl, cause you can get where you are going faster)
* You don't want to ride in carts at the store anymore, you want to walk, help push the cart or be held.
* You have the cutest belly giggle {that I can't get enough of}
* Your favorite game is to be chased around {your brother and sister love to play this with you}
* You are wearing size 3 diapers
* You eat anything and everything {you love to snack}
* You are still taking 2-3 bottles a day, but mommy is trying to ween you off of them
* You are wearing size 9-12 month shirts and 12 month pants
* You make kissing noises, you blow raspberry's, you blow kisses and you give kisses
* You play peek-a-boo, you know where your nose is, you
* You shake your head 'no,' when I ask you what mama says
* You stick your tongue in and out when I ask you what a lizard says
* You know how to sign 'eat,' 'all done,' 'more,' 'please,' 'help,' and 'thank you.'
* You say, 'mama', 'dada' and 'ssat' (what's that)
* You wave hi and bye
* You love playing outside...even in the snow!
* You do "SO Big" 
* You clap and play 'patty cake'
* You love to dance (even to mommy's bad singing)
* You put yourself to sleep for naps and bedtime
* You have EIGHT teeth  (5 on top, 3 on bottom)
* You are such a {happy} baby
* Your smile could light the world!
* You have your daddy's silliness gene
* You are such a cuddle bug!

 * You are definitely a mama's girl, but still LOVE your daddy!
* You love to play with the ball popper, babies, the shape sorter and 'big kid toys.'
*You are mommy's girlie girl (you take after your sister)

 * You make the cutest faces!

 * You have gorgeous blue eyes with long eyelashes

This past year has been busy, fun and full of adventure! We can't wait to see what this year brings. 
We love you to the moon and back!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Kenzie!!!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

She is just precious! Love all your pictures. Ready for baby #4 yet? ;)

Heather said...

So cute!! Happy Birthday Kenzie!!

Stephanie said...

Those are perfect!!!!!!

Love the pic of Kenzie and Daddy - those are priceless!

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