Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need a Holiday Card?

  Are you scrambling for a Holiday card?!

 I would love to help you out!
 I am sure I have something that would be appealing to your eye...

...and if not, I will make something that you will {love!}

I have many new designs and tons of templates...
{here are a few that I love!}
http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.195784979.jpg http://ny-image2.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.190042982.jpg


Check out my Etsy shop for many more designs or feel free to e-mail me to have me make a custom design just for you!

*mention this blog post and receive $3 off any order*


Erin said...

can't wait to get mine printed this weekend :) Super excited!

Paige said...

These are SO adorable!

Meant to be a mom said...

You did so good on these!

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