Monday, January 31, 2011

My weekend was full...

...of checking stuff off my to-do list! 

 I have been busy working on 5 different invitation jobs {soon to be 8} and trying to catch up around the house.
Invitations are everywhere in my office!

 I still have yet to make the girls drapes {that I bought the fabric for, about 5 months ago} that I started cutting out and never finished. They are much needed and I really should stop procrastinating!

Our To-Do list got shorter this weekend thanks to me, my hubs and my dad. 
We can finally see in our garage (thanks to replacing 3 light bulbs). We now have hot water in the 'daycare bathroom.' (after not having it for about 6 months). We can see our island in our kitchen, now that I have brought all my invitation stuff down to the office. 
I hate clutter! I have messes! I might be a little OCD with cleaning and organizing, but better TOO clean than messy!

{we moved our chandelier to the middle of the kitchen...not a fun ladder job!)

 Not only am I busy with invitations, I am doing a few things for a couple of my friend's kids birthdays.

 I moped my entire really needed it.

I finished the laundry, (oh is never finished!) but unfortunately it is still sitting folded in the laundry room.

Now I am off to do some more invitation work during nap time, while enjoying the quietness!
Have a great week!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oopsie Daise review & GIVEAWAY!

  Nicole over at Oopsie Daise makes great hand painted decor. She has tons to choose from and loves doing custom work, to fit your needs. She has some amazing things in her shop, you'll have to be sure and check them all out.
I had a chance to review two of Nicole's products and I can't get enough of her detailed great work!
Every mom needs one of these door hangers for each of their kids. They are adorable and Nicole can make them match any theme or decor. I love the detail in her paintings. She does such a great job with the whole piece, who wouldn't want one in their child's room?!
This canvas would be great in anyone's home. Who doesn't like rules?! I love this list of rules and it is a great conversation piece.
 I've always wanted the girls names hanging in their room, but since they share a room, I'd have to have two names, and there just isn't enough wall space. So maybe if there is ever a baby #4, I can get my wish and have a personalized name, to hang on the wall. The wall letters are all hand painted and have ribbon to hang them with.
Nicole paints gorgeous picture frames to. I love the distressed look and her handwriting is perfect! She can put any saying, quote, name or design on the frame, to customize it to your liking.
Nicole sent me the perfect frame. If you read my blog, you know how much I love my brother! This frame will be a given to my brother, as soon as I find a picture of the two of us to put in it.
(I love the detail in her painting!)

This is next on my wish list. I love decorating for seasons and holidays. Now that we are in our own house, that is big enough for decorations to be placed everywhere...I can't get enough!
I want one of these door hangers!
 A cute and personal spring one for my front door.
 Nicole personalized a family tree for me too! I just love it and I love the verse on it. It is hanging in my office the infant napping room and I love the colors.
 How would you like a chance to win your own family tree canvas??

Here's how you enter...
(Mandatory) Head on over to Oopsie Daise and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite thing is that Nicole has in her shop. 
For more entries?!
1 extra entry- Follow my blog or let me know you do
1 extra entry- 'Heart' Oopsie Daisie on Etsy
1 extra entry- Follow me on twitter or let me know you do {and tweet about this giveaway}
4 extra entries- Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link
  10 extra entries- Buy something from Oopsie Daisie and let me know what you bought.

***Be sure to leave a comment for EACH separate entry you are entitled and leave me an e-mail, if you aren't on Blogger***

This giveaway will end Friday February 4th and the winner will be chosen with

I was given a picture frame and family tree canvas in exchange for my review and host of this giveaway. I was in no other way compensated.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starbucks Giveaway Winner!

 Thank you to EVERYONE who participate in my Blogiversary STARBUCKS giveaway!
The winner  is...
Varunner over at Two Bears Farm and the Three Cubs

{Varunner, you have 48 hours to e-mail me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn}


 What's a post without an adorable picture...right?!

Monday, January 24, 2011

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Great Guy * Great Uncle * & SINGLE

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing her this Friday's 'Show us your life' about SINGLES!
I had to join in this time!
Well, Without further ado...

Meet my Brother {and best friend} Kyle!
He's funny, Charming, a gentleman, athletic, a general manager, outgoing, a great uncle, loves to cook {and is good at it}, a great singer, a great listener,  lover of all sports...
{this list could go on}

 He loves kids, my kids can attest! He is a great uncle!

Such a great uncle, he even taught Chase to slurp Jello off the table...

Here are some things you should know about him...
* He loves....water skiing, snowboarding, Hockey {he was a goalie, for most of his life}, soccer {he played since he was little}, softball, boating, tennis, camping, and like taking on new adventures.

* He is the general manager of a restaurant and is a great at his job!

* He loves boating, riding motorcycles {he sold his} and having a great time!
 {back flip off a boat}

* He doesn't quite have the relationship with God as some of us hope, but I have no doubt in my mind that the right girl can help him find that.

* He loves pets {a dog lover at heart}

* He is 30 and 5'9" and lives in Minnesota {sorry, I won't let him move!} ;)

* He has never been married, and is definitely ready for 'that' girl to setting down with

* He's got great dimples (not sure how I didn't get them)

* He is a great catch who was raised a true gentleman

(Kyle and our cousin)

Kyle doing what he loves....karaoke
  His favorite Karaoke songs to sing are...Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby), Sweet Caroline & Toby Keith (How Do You Like Me Now)

(My brother, my hubs and I)

If you, your friend or your sister {or any girl} are interested in knowing more about my brother and would like me to pass your information along to him...leave me a comment with your e-mail. 
My brother deserves to be as happy as my oldest brother and I have been blessed being. I know there is a girl out there looking for a great guy who will treat her right. So don't be shy!


Don't forget to enter in my STARBUCKS GIVEAWAY to win a $30 gift-card!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 It's been awhile, so here are some ADORABLE pictures...

 Abby loves being able to see her auntie everyday. She loves when Katie picks out her clothes and does her hair.

 This is one SNOWY winter! The kids love the snow, but are not big fans of the bitter cold weather! Today it will be around -15 below! {yes, that is a negative sign in front of that number}
 Tonight is is supposed to be -40! BURRRR!

Playing GI Joe! He is really getting into GI Joe, Spider-man, Batman...etc. TYPICAL BOY!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Swap Time?!

 I have gotten quite a few e-mails saying it is about that time again....

By a BIG request, I am switching it up!

{Are you excited?!}

 So...without further ado....

It's an all out KIDS BLOG SWAP!
{That means if you have kid(s) 5 and under, you can participate}

 The rules are the same as the Baby blog swap. If you aren't familiar with blog swaps, please read below for details on this swap...
You will combine a package for your partners child(ren), containing things that you/your kids like, things that you think the child will like or use, clothes, toys, games, handmade items...anything you'd like. The total value should be $30.00. Then you will package it up and ship it to your partner on or before February 15th. 

 Here are the rules:
1. Anyone with a child 5 and under can be included in this swap
2. The package contents that you send will value $30.00 (not including shipping)
3. The packages will be sent out by Tuesday February 15th

If you are interested in joining in this KID BLOG SWAP, please e-mail me at with your name, blog address and information about your child(ren) and I will put you on the list. I will draw names on Monday January 24th and announce them (through e-mail) on Tuesday. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining in, make sure to let them know.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!!

 First off, I just want to say, I have met so many amazing and friendly people by blogging.
This blog is not only a fun way to find other mom's going through the same things, get advice, give advice, share pictures and review is also a hobby {that I love!}

6 years ago I started blogging!
(I had 3 other blogs that I {stupidly} deleted, since I ran out of room for pictures. There are also pictures missing from the beginning of this blog, cause it took me some time to figure out how to make more storage room.)

1,061 Posts {just on this blog}



And a 'boat load' of new friends!

I think all that call for a giveaway to all of you! 
{Don't you?!}

I am giving away a $30 gift card to Starbucks coffee! {HEAVEN}
To enter...
Leave me a comment telling me how long you've been reading my blog! {mandatory!}

For extra entries... (there are lots!)
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You can still comment if you don't have a blog, just leave me your e-mail, so I can contact you!

**Please leave a separate comment for each entry you are entitled, otherwise they will not count.**

A BIG thank you to all my followers and readers!

 This giveaway ends Tuesday January 25th and the winner will be chosen with

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winner Announced!

 The winner of the Social Kiddo's giveaway is...

 Anna over that The Musatov Family

(Congrats Anna! You have 48 hours to e-mail me)


How many of you {Love} this place as much as I do?!

Do you often have pictures like this in your dreams?!

Do you ever wish you could just take an hour to yourself and hook yourself up to one of these?!
 If you answered yes to any of the previous questions...

Then you'll definitely want to stop back tomorrow!
{I promise you won't be disappointed!}

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

In my dreams!

 Many of you have asked me about my job, how I do it and if I like it

Well, sit down with your cup of sanity coffee and here are your answers! 

When I was growing up, I dreamed of being a neonatal nurse. I loved love babies and wanted to be apart of their lives when they were born. I got older, I realized that I wasn't very good with other peoples blood. There is no way I could poke a baby with a shot or deal with any amount of blood, over a scratch. plan....

I now wanted to be a teacher. I want to be a part of the learning experience of children's lives. I love watching children learn new things and seeing the expressions on their faces as they figure out new things in life. 
 I'd get summers and holidays off (to be with my kids) and possibly get to see/teach kids I know.

Well, I got about three years of school out of the way, then when my husband and I moved back from college (after he graduated)...I had no motivation to go back to school and finish. I wanted to get married and start a family. {not to say you can't go to school while doing that, but I wanted to jump right into life together!}

I started working at a childcare center and loved it! Minus the part that I could never get the supplies that I needed for my lesson plans and my requests for things, got ignored. {How was I supposed to do my job and teach kids, when I have no supplies and resources?!}
Needless to say, my boss and I 'knocked heads.'

 I worked there until Chase was 6 months old and then I decided to open my own daycare. That way, I can be my own boss, have my own hours and be with my kids all day.
 Perfect job...right?!
You have to be the right person to do childcare, it's definitely not for everyone. Days can be stressful and long, but I LOVE my job!

 After about 5 years of daycare, my sister-in-law (who also worked in a center) decided to quit and come work with me. We now have a licensed daycare together. We LOVE it!

 We are each others sanity and we have a blast working together!
We are by no means a 'daycare,' we actually don't like that word. We are a childcare/preschool. We teach the children, have weekly themes, we do fine motor, gross motor, music enrichment, reading, science, sensory and art everyday. We have awesome communication with our parents and couldn't imagine having a better job.

So...just in case you were still curious...
I love my job!

If you ever want to check out some of our is our childcare blog.

When all my kids get in school, I will probably change my title to a SAHM. I can't wait to go on field trips with my kids classes, volunteer and be there to give them the one-on-one with their school work.
That time doesn't last long and I want them to remember it for a lifetime!

What was your dream job and did you fulfill your dream?!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Really....some people!

I just can't believe some people!
 So...I was out shopping the other morning and after I got done, I was headed back to my car. I put away the stroller, buckled Kenzie in her seat and all the while, noticed the car next to me was running. 
I didn't bother to look over that way, until I got in my car and buckled my seat belt.

When I looked over, there were 3 kids in the car, {UN-BUCKLED} jumping around the seats, without a care in the world. {REALLY...OMG!}
These kids we about 6, 4 and 2. Did I mention...the car was running AND the doors were unlocked
Does this not spell disaster!?

 First off, why are you taking your kids shopping, if you are going to leave them in the car?? If there is no one to watch them, while you go shopping....stay home! There is no emergency, where you have to go shopping! Also, why are you leaving your {young} children in the car....unattended, while it is unlocked and running?! 

Am I crazy for thinking this?!

 All it takes is a foot to slip to knock the car into gear, some {horrible person} to open the door and take one of your children or one of the kids to think 'hmm....I wonder if I can drive!'
(I hate to think this way...but these things do happen)

 I don't know about everyone else, but my children's safety is number one. I go through my day looking out for their safety and thinking how to prevent 'mishaps.'
{I hope I am not offending anyone by posting this....but I was completely applaud by this parent leaving their young children in the car!}

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the Move!


Oh Chase...

It's funny how Chase will respond to something I say with, "Maybe I will do it when we move." 

I have told him many times that we aren't moving for a long time. 

I can completely understand how his brain is confused...We moved from our town house in March of 2009, into our rental house (where we lived with Katie and Adam) Then we moved from there to our new house in January 2010. That is three houses for a 5 year old, in less than 2 years. {Come to think of it..Abby is 3 and she has lived in 3 houses}

 I have moved many times in my life (as an adult), but as a kid, I was born in Texas, then moved to Minnesota around 3 years old. I lived in the same house for 15 years, till I made my first move out at 18. After I moved into my first apartment, I moved to La Crosse to go to school with my hubby, so I wouldn't have to make the drive every weekend. From there I moved back home to another apartment, where I moved in with my bestie and one of her friends from back home. Then I got married and bought a town house (not a smart idea...we are still renting that town house) and moved in with my hubby.

 Moving is a lot of work {especially with 3 kids} and I hope we don't do it again anytime soon. 
We LOVE our house and it is perfect for us! 

 Now, if I could just get my son to stop his brain from thinking we are going to pick up and move again.

 How many places have you lived?!

Monday, January 10, 2011

'Not Me Monday!'

 It's been awhile since I've participated in 'Not Me Monday'
So here goes....

I would never spend my entire weekend cleaning and organizing my house! It in no way shape or form desperately needed it!

 I did not go and buy another organizing bin for the girls room with some adorable pink and purple bins to go in it. We have so many bins and buckets....and I LOVE it!

 I would never get rid of a garbage bag full of 'crap' that was just laying around the house. I would never accumulate that much stuff that we didn't use.

 I did not have a huge smile on my face when I found one of my favorite outfits I bought Abby, that now fits Kenzie. I would never undress her just to put it on, cause I love it!
 I would never wear the same sweatshirt all weekend and then admit it to all of you.
 I am not the kind of mom that would ever complain my kids have dresser drawers that barely shut, cause they are jam packed with clothes...then go shopping and buy more. 
{in my defense...they are summer clothes}

 I was not praying all weekend for my hubby to win big in a poker tournament, so we can get a new car. I would never give him 'incentives' to play win!

  I am not looking forward to this week....if it is going to be anything like last week. 
{No really....I am NOT!}
Cross your fingers for a better week with happy kids!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I {heart} my kids!

 I can't believe my kids are getting so big!
At 5, 3, and 1 year old...I just want to freeze time and spend as much time as possible with them. 
 Chase loves playing his Leapster...

 The love doing art projects!
My sweet Muffin!

  Enjoying my kids to the fullest!
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