Monday, January 3, 2011


 Strange or normal?!
 {I got this idea from The Undomestic Momma}

Everyone has their are a few {don't want to keep you all day} of mine!

 Keeping my nails clean
I can't stand when there is 'dirt' under my nails. I have to keep them clean and clear or color paint on them. I also am addicted to painting my toe nails...they have to be painted. Not sure the last time they were unpainted!
{I also for the record, hate my hands}
  (courtesy of google images)

If it isn't in a should be. If it isn't labeled, it should be! (some might call it anal, I call it an addiction!)
I love being organized and keeping things together, in a place where I know where everything is.
I {heart} bins, buckets and bookshelves!
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Can't Sleep Alone
I can't sleep alone. (well, I can, but I don't sleep well at all!) I have to be touching my husbands leg or arm to fall asleep. The bed is too big with just me.
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Well, I can honestly say it's gotten much better than it was, before I had kids. Now I just have an addiction to shop for them. ;) I wouldn't say I go crazy, but I do pick up more than I need every time I go out shopping. {which is quite often} Every once and awhile I go on shopping sprees for myself too.
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Drinking out of a straw
If I drink anything but milk out of a has to be with a straw. Water, pop, juice, get the picture. I always use a straw. My kids are slowly catching on, but they like to drink their milk with a straw...ick!
{in my is better for your teeth!}
  (courtesy of google images)

Since my first one, when I was my last one, when I was 28. I love them. I won't be one of the people that gets a 'sleeve' done or a whole back tattoo...but I love them and they are addicting.
{though I think I am done...for awhile anyway!}
  (courtesy of google images)

There are more, but I'll spare you all a few more hours of your day!

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Erin said...

i also have to be touching my husband leg or hand to fall asleep. But nothing else we have the same.. wish I was better organzied.. maybe you can come over and help me!!

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