Monday, January 10, 2011

'Not Me Monday!'

 It's been awhile since I've participated in 'Not Me Monday'
So here goes....

I would never spend my entire weekend cleaning and organizing my house! It in no way shape or form desperately needed it!

 I did not go and buy another organizing bin for the girls room with some adorable pink and purple bins to go in it. We have so many bins and buckets....and I LOVE it!

 I would never get rid of a garbage bag full of 'crap' that was just laying around the house. I would never accumulate that much stuff that we didn't use.

 I did not have a huge smile on my face when I found one of my favorite outfits I bought Abby, that now fits Kenzie. I would never undress her just to put it on, cause I love it!
 I would never wear the same sweatshirt all weekend and then admit it to all of you.
 I am not the kind of mom that would ever complain my kids have dresser drawers that barely shut, cause they are jam packed with clothes...then go shopping and buy more. 
{in my defense...they are summer clothes}

 I was not praying all weekend for my hubby to win big in a poker tournament, so we can get a new car. I would never give him 'incentives' to play win!

  I am not looking forward to this week....if it is going to be anything like last week. 
{No really....I am NOT!}
Cross your fingers for a better week with happy kids!

Have a great week!


Erin said...

I got a lot of stuff done this weekend to and i went through tons of clothes :) Love it.. have lots for you to look through if you want!

Jessica said...

I just got rid of lots of old toys & clothes this weekend too! It feels like I can breathe a little better now!

Stephanie said...

that's the outfit I loved on Kenzie!!! Adorable!!!!!

I need to get on an organizing streak - maybe your motivation will hit me :)

Hope you have a great week!

Meant to be a mom said...

I love this one, All the things you "DIDN'T" do this weekend sounds like the things I "didn't" do as well. :)
And can I just say that Abbi's old little pink sweat suit is so cute. I'm glad you found it. Both girls look adorable in it :)

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