Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the Move!


Oh Chase...

It's funny how Chase will respond to something I say with, "Maybe I will do it when we move." 

I have told him many times that we aren't moving for a long time. 

I can completely understand how his brain is confused...We moved from our town house in March of 2009, into our rental house (where we lived with Katie and Adam) Then we moved from there to our new house in January 2010. That is three houses for a 5 year old, in less than 2 years. {Come to think of it..Abby is 3 and she has lived in 3 houses}

 I have moved many times in my life (as an adult), but as a kid, I was born in Texas, then moved to Minnesota around 3 years old. I lived in the same house for 15 years, till I made my first move out at 18. After I moved into my first apartment, I moved to La Crosse to go to school with my hubby, so I wouldn't have to make the drive every weekend. From there I moved back home to another apartment, where I moved in with my bestie and one of her friends from back home. Then I got married and bought a town house (not a smart idea...we are still renting that town house) and moved in with my hubby.

 Moving is a lot of work {especially with 3 kids} and I hope we don't do it again anytime soon. 
We LOVE our house and it is perfect for us! 

 Now, if I could just get my son to stop his brain from thinking we are going to pick up and move again.

 How many places have you lived?!


Stephanie said...

Well we're in the same house I grew up in so I'm not used to the moving thing.

Bless his heart - maybe he'll understand soon that you're there to stay :)

Susan said...

Before we moved you kids to Minnesota, we had lived in 13 different homes after we were married. As a child, I can't remember how many times we moved, but it was usually once every year or year and a half as my dad was in the military. I probably moved 8 times before I went to college.

Heidi said...

I moved a LOT as a kid and as the oldest I know just how HARD it is! Since I got married, I've lived in the same house for almost 7 years!! (Longest I've ever lived anywhere!) But...our house is on the market so a move is imminent...but hopefully it will be the last move!

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