Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zoey and Abby...Kelly and Bree

 Back when I lived in St. Michael, our neighborhood rocked! I LOVE my old neighborhood! Everyone there was our age and there wasn't a night that went by, that there wasn't at least one neighbor outside, ready to hang out. 
 I met Bree, when she sold us our townhouse. {My first impression of her wasn't very good....hers wasn't very good of me either}
Well, we quickly became great friends! Neighbors, friends and mommies! We both found out we were expecting a week apart...her first, my second. We went through our whole pregnancy together...along with 2 other close friends in our neighborhood and 10 other pregnant neighbors.
  We were all due really close together!
(Me, Bree, Lisa and Penny)

 Bree and I saw each other just about every day. Either we just wanted to say hi, we needed to borrow something or we wanted to let the kids play. Whatever the reason, we were right across the street. {Oh how I miss those days!}
Abigail and Zoey (her daughter)....10 days apart!

 We spent endless hours and days together!

Our girls grew a quick and close bond!

 We had MANY play dates!


 They were two peas in a pod!

 Two adorable blue eyed blondies!

We went from bad 'first impressions' to great friends!
 I unfortunatly moved out of the neighborhood, to a bigger house and Bree decided to go back 'home' and go back to school, in Iowa, but we got to see Bree and Zoey at a baby shower for our friend and old neighbor. They decided to stop over after to say hi and see our house.
The girls had a blast playing together and Abby was so excited to see Zoey again!

  So, for now, we are many miles away, but someday, she and Zoey will move back and hopefully our friendship and our girls friendship, can pick up where it left off!
We miss you Zoey and Bree! :)


Erin said...

Zoey is looking more and more like her mommy :) Hope she moves back and the friendships remain strong!

Annie said...

Awww....what cute little nice to have so many neighbors with kids/babies in your old neighborhood...I bet that was hard to leave!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw! Finding great friends like that is rare! Hope you guys can live close to each other one day again!

Unknown said...

Awww, Kelly you made me cry but it was a good cry:) We miss you guys so much and I miss our daily visits. Zoey and I look at pictures, Facebook and your blog often just to get the feeling that we are there again. She asks about Abby often, she misses her first friend. One day soon we will be back in Minnesota and hopefully close to you guys so we can once again have our pizza and DQ nights. Oh how I miss those! I am so grateful for having you as a friend. Our bond is hard to find. Love and miss you guys bunches and next time we are in Minnesota we are going to for sure have to set up some quality time!

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