Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JBF Sale after math {really late post}

 So, remember back here, when I went to my first JBF sale?! I am addicted and I love going to them! They are like HUGE garage sales for kids and pregnant moms too. The sales keep getting bigger and bigger!!

I went with one of my very good friends, who is preggo, an old neighbor and a mom of one of my daycare kids. We all made out pretty well!
 {I think I spent the most...oops!}

Toys galore...Chase was in heaven! He is really into 'big' boy toys, so I stocked up!

Clothes for Kenzie and Abby

More clothes for the girls

Dress up shoes, puzzles, books and games

Shoes for the girls

Two more toys!

Pants and Power Ranger walkie talkies for Chase

I LOVE these sales and I made out like a bandit! Does any one else go to the JBF Sales?


Linds said...

we have something similar, called Rhea Lana's, that comes biannually here (it's locally owned though). I absolutely love it, and have always gotten ALL of my boy's clothes there. My boys wear ALL name brand stuff, but I never spend more than $100 per season on either of them!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Cute stuff! What exactly is a JBF sale?

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