Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time Fun

My kids LOVE playing outside!
{not to mention, I love being outside with them}

{dare devil}

Kenzie loves doing the slide all by herself

The boys all love playing baseball.
{not only do we have an awesome daycare, we have a baseball training class}

These gorgeous invitaitons are why I have been a blogger slacker lately. 
I promise, I now have a little more time to catch up on blogs and write a few posts.
{as a matter of fact, I have one scheduled for everyday this week}


Jamie Kubeczka said...

Mine are the same way.. I enjoy being outside though.. You can catch me barefooted at anytime. ;) Cute pics of the kiddos, they are all getting so big!

Annie said...

yee-haw for spring time and sunshine! it's about time!!

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