Monday, June 27, 2011

Twins vs. Brewers!

  This past weekend we drove to Milwaukee to watch the Twins loose to play the Brewers!

Kenzie found out what Cheese Balls were....uh oh!

 The kids learned how to play 4 square!

Silly siblings!

Eating her Kit Kat bar...Thanks Andy, they were so good!

Adam with the kids!
Grandma and Papa O with Abby

The cutest Twins...Anni and Maddie!

Best Buddies!
 Let's go Twins!

Such a true fan!
{and cotton candy...yum!}

Nick and Mike...being...themselves :)
We met up with some college friends! Haven't seen them in about 8 years.

My silly, sassy, adorable daughter!

Auntie Katie makes a good pillow!

 Hadley and Abby...two peas in a pod!

Silly Adam!

Being such a good fan and loving her own seat!

Boo Twins! Too bad we got swept!

Grandma O with the newest Kocinski...Colton!

This 'fan' stuff is hard work, when we are loosing!

Cotton Candy makes everyone happy!

Me and my muffin!

Katie, Katie and Kristin! 

Daddy and Colton!

He is his daddy mini me!

The Kocinski Family!

 Testing out her brother's hat!

Uncle Adam makes a good pillow too!

Pretty good seats!

On the drive home...


I have been one busy mama! Summers fly by and I have two jobs to keep up with...I have these gorgeous invitations out of the way...
and this wedding is done too...
 I am keeping busy with more invitations and my Etsy shop that has been very busy too!

Speaking of my Etsy shop....
You all like deals right?!
Well, until July 1st, you can use the code SUMMER11 and get any of my announcements or invitations for $10. Custom or template!
I am trying to get back to blogging once a day, but don't worry, I am still keeping up on my blog reading, to stay in tune with all your lives :)



Suzanne said...

Okay, sorry to say this, but the reason why the Brewers won, was because we started watching them again this year! (Yay for cable!)

You know, we can still be friends even if I'm from Wisconsin! ;)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures!!! The kids looked so cute, and it looks like everybody had a great time!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

How fun! I love all ya'lls gear.

Erin said...

i love it!! looks like a ton of fun!

Heather said...

How funny! We were in milwaukee at the same time!! Wish I had known! :)
I can't get over Kenzie's hair! IT's SO blonde!! Such cuties!!

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