Monday, July 18, 2011

What do you think?!

Please don't tell me I am the only one that struggles when it comes to picking out lunch and dinner choices each day.
This is a daily dilemma for me!

Are you in the same boat as I?

I tried a couple years back to start a blog link up called Food Fixing Friday...
Would you all be interested in me starting it up again??
If you answered 'yes'...I would also need you all to link up, so I can grab some great recipes from ya'll!  
{I really need some new recipes!}

{You can go as far as taking pictures of the preparation of your meals, to just posting the recipe and depends how detailed you want to get.} 

I know you have all shared some great recipes, so you can even link up some of those recipes, before you have to post some new ones. 

 Everyone could use a new recipe right?!
I know I could! I love crock-pot recipes, easy lunches, quick yummy dinners...etc!

So...what do you think?!


AMY said...

Yes....I could use new recipes too! My hubby and son are pretty picky though.
But I like the idea and would join in.

Becky said...

Yes...I feel like we get stuck in a food rut! When we find something new we eat it so much we wear it out and then go back to our old habits. I would love to have some new recipies and to share some of my favorite ones!

Angela said...

I would link up for sure! It's always fun to share recipes and get some new ideas, too.

Amy said...

I love when I see recipes on blogs! I would love to participate if I can figure out how to link up!!

I know right now its kind of hot to cook. Would love some easy crockpot recipes or cold recipes!

Kid friendly food is always good too as I feed lots of kids each day.

If you read kelly's korner she just recently did a few posts and had them themed. One Friday was breakfast ideas, another day was desserts and one was side dishes.
you can find her at just in case you don't already read her.

Kelli Herrington said...

I have 2 great website that are my recipe rescue.

Give them a look and I promise you will in amazed and excited. They have saved my family.

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