Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dates in a Marriage..

There are dates in a marriage that you don't want to forget about...like your anniversary, the date you met, the date of your first kiss, the dates you have had children....etc.....
but what about those {dates} that you used to go on before you had children
(3...almost 4 in my case)
I mean, those are important too...right?!

It can be so hard to balance life with your families and children, that you often forget about taking time to go on dates...just the two of you. 
{Please don't tell me I am the only one in this boat}

My husband and I rarely have time to ourselves, unless it is after the kids go to bed, and then I am getting tired and ready for bed shortly after.
{lets face it, days get long and after work, I just want to relax and then 'hit the hay'}

I need those dates with just the two of us. Time to remember things that you love about your spouse and be able to talk without interruptions and be able to talk about things that aren't kid related.
 {even though you end up talking about the kids half the time anyway}
Time to hold hands and look them right in the eyes when they are talking. Time to act like you have that 'puppy love' all over again.

 When we do get out for a date night, it usually ends up being with friends. We hit up a movie and get some dinner, to catch up with friends. We get to talk with adults, which is nice, but it isn't 'alone' time. 
 You just need that now and then.
I think it helps for a great marriage. Communication is key and there isn't always a ton of communication time when the kids are around and always wanting your attention.
{I wouldn't trade my kids for the world, but getting a word in edgewise with 3 kids can be difficult}
Marriages are like a second job, they take work, but are well worth it! They take two people giving a 50/50 effort. They take communication, patience, honesty, faithfulness, understanding and LOVE!

I don't know about you ladies, but I am in dire need of a date night. I need some hubby time with no kids...some us time!

Here's my questions for you...
How do you ladies work date nights?!
How many 'date nights' do you go on a month?


Annie said...

I TOTALLY agree on this one Kelly!! We didnt go on ANY dats for a long time...and then decided that we needed to. We have both grandmas dying to babysit...so we started to do every Friday night dates. That was a little much and have gotten out of the habit of spending time just the two if us...but I think we will start back up. Maybe every other Friday night?! Or at LEAST once a month. It is so important!!

Brandi said...

My hubs and I seriously need a date night too!!!! With 3 kids it cost a fortune for a babysitter...bummer!!! Therefore, we don't go that much!!! Great post, so true; I miss that puppy love feeling!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy do I ever need a date night!! When we're at home, mother-in-law watches our girls at least one night a week so we can go out together. And we usually get a babysitter all day one day a week so we can run errands, lunch, movie, etc. But when we're out on the road working... NOTHING! Makes me miss home even more!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I do agree with you! We don't go "out" on dates often...probably once a month... but every weeknight is a date night. On those nights, we aim to have all chores completed for the night and put the kids to bed. At 8:00 we meet on the couch, and we hang out until 11. I really look forward to those evenings with him!

Angela said...

How many do we go on once a month??? Well, we are lucky if we go on ONE once a month. We are in dire need also. We try to spend quality time together after we get the kids in bed but, often he watches football and I go off into facebook/blog/couponing land. It's a bad habit and we need to spend more quality time together. I hope you and your hubby can get some good time together soon!

Kelli Herrington said...

This is really an wonderful post. Im in need as well that is why I am so looking forward to Vegas. One whole week just the hubby and I. We do good just to fit in 3 or 4 a year date nights so this is so needed.

Christen said...

Our date nights are sporadic, usually not planned until the night of or the day before. I love being spontaneous like that! There are special dates that are planned well before hand, those are my most favorite, but like you said any date alone with my hubby is great! We try to go out at least once a month, sometimes its more than that sometimes its less.

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