Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can You Believe It?

...60 days till Christmas!
{Holy Moly Batman...that is coming up quick}

I'd better get shopping!
 I used to be so good about being almost done Christmas shopping by November....let me just say 3 1/2 kids later...that just isn't so easy!


 Only 31 days till we get to do this...
 We have a tradition of decorating our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I usually break out the decorations before then, cause I get so excited, but I look forward to decorating the tree with the kids every year!

I take about 10 days off from the daycare and I love spending that time with family and friends! (big changes are coming after this time off from the daycare...stay tuned for a post about the daycare) We always spend all of Christmas Eve with my hubby's family and then all Christmas day with my family. {It makes it so much easier that way}
 We get dressed up for Christmas Eve and spend most of the day in our PJ's on Christmas day. The PJ's (or comfy clothes) that we wear Christmas day are new ones that we get as a gift on Christmas Eve.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE traditions?

 My mom always saves a gift for each person, for Christmas night, so that the excitement of gifts and giving lasts all day. She used to tell us that Santa sometimes forgets some gifts in his sleigh, so he drops them off at the houses after dinner. {I LOVED this as a kid and my kids love it now}

For Christmas day...we always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast...among a bunch of other yummy things! I LOVE cinnamon rolls! 

Christmas Eve we have the kids 'hide' in a room and we tell them Santa is coming, then we put out the rest of the presents under the tree, so that when they come down, the tree is full and presents are ready to be opened. They love this!

What are some of your family traditions for the holidays?!


Danielle said...

I love all f your traditions!! That is awesome! My little one is going to be a year in December so we are going to start traditions this year and you have given me some great ideas :)
Also, until Saturday Toys R us is having a huge sale on little tikes toys. If you buy a toy over $24.99 then you get one under $24.99 for free! For instance, I got Lexi an adorable cupcake kitchen and got a free ice cream stand :)

jessica said...

oh my world you now have me so excited for christmas! it seriously is the most wonderful time of the year.

when i was still living at home i loved decorating the christmas tree (we also did it the day after thanksgiving)
Now that my siblings and i are older my mom throws a party for just our little family and we drink champagne and caroloke (karaoke with carols) it's my newest fav tradition!

Amber Maddux said...

thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - super nice!!!!! And as for Christmas, I'm pretty much done but then again I do only have one kiddo & a little incentive to have it done because #2 arrives towards the end of November :) I love everything about Christmas too - it's by far the prettiest & most "cheerful" holiday of them all. Can't wait to find out what your baby #4 is????

Life Happens said...

What great traditions you have. I can't wait to start our own traditions with our little guy. I want it to be special for his first Christmas, which he won't remember, but mama will!

Jessica said...

I LOVE Christmas traditions too! Christmastime is my favorite part of the year!!

Mandy said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks for your post on my blog today! You have a beautiful family and I loved your post on traditions!! We are the same way and are already counting down until we can start decorating and now that we have two children we'll add some new traditions! :) I cannot believe that Christmas is less than 2 months away!!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your family is adorable and isn't Christmas great? Sadly, I have not even started Christmas shopping. I am hoping to get in on some good deals on Black Friday!

Susan said...

I'm Kelly's mom, and I'm excited for Christmas this year because my husband and I are taking all our adult kids and spouses on a surprise trip out of the country in January. The kids will all find out on Christmas Day where they're going. I'm sure the suspense is driving Kelly nuts! :)

erica said...

Oh my word SERIOUSLY! This is completely crazy. I so am not ready for christmas!


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