Monday, October 3, 2011

My fall LOVES!

Fall is here and I LOVE fall!

 Here are some of my favorite things about fall...

Apple Cider!
{I could literally replace my coffee with this in the morning}

Apple Orchards
{We love picking apples and going on hay rides at the orchard}
Sherpa Blankets
{I might be slightly addicted to these awesome blankets! They are so soft!}

My slippers
{I love being able to wear slippers around the house}

The Leaves
{I love walking in the leaves and hearing the crunch noise they make when stepped on. I love looking at tall the colors too!}

Leaf Piles
{I love raking them up for the kids to jump in}
{Carving them, picking them and baking the seeds}

{Dressing the kids up for Halloween and trick-or-treating with them}

{I love big meals with family and time together!}

Decorating the Christmas Tree
{I love doing this the day after Thanksgiving}

{In our fireplace! I love the smell and the warmth}

Fall is by far my FAVORITE season! 

What is your favorite season?!


jessica said...

ooh now i am super excited for fall as well..even though i will miss my summertime.
i love the sound of crunchy leaves..and finding the perfect ones to step on.

Kelli Herrington said...

I think we might just be sistas! LOL Great minds think alike!!! I love these and am excited Fall is finally here!

Heather said...

You sound just like me! :) I love ALL those things. Unfortunately we don't get much color here (just a little). I love crisp cold days with bright sunshine. :)

Molly said...

I love fall, too! I have replaced my morning coffee with hot cider. Delish! How are you feeling?

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love Fall too! All the pictures made me happy! :)

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