Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Party Planning...

The planning is underway....

Kenzie turns 2 in a month!
 She is having a Mod Monkey party this year, cause she loves monkeys!

Here are some of the ideas I am going to make...

A sneak peek of her invitation...

I can't wait too see her smile this year, when she actually gets to open her presents...and enjoy it!


Tonight is the night...Baby #4 gender will be revealed...

 Any last minutes guesses?!
The cake will be cut after dinner and I will try to get the video uploaded asap.

My guess is BOY!
(ask my hubby, I am rarely wrong)


Bunny vs. Kitten
Thanks for everyone input on the bunny, but I have convinced the hubby decided to go with getting Abby a kitten for Christmas. This is what she wanted in the first place, and it has taken some strong arguments to convince the hubby have him let me win. It is part me being selfish, cause I really want one too. I have had a cat my whole life and I miss having one. 

I am working with a lady who has newborn kittens that will be ready to go the week of Christmas. If all goes as planned, Abby will have a pet carrier under the tree with a big red bow on top...with a 'tiny ball of fur' inside.


Mary said...

That monkey theme is adorable!

Have fun at the gender party tonight! That is so fun to get together and find out with family. I am going to just guess it's a boy. Then the numbers will be even. :)

Have a great day! Can't wait to find out

Joeylee said...

How cute. I was going to do the same theme for my daughters birthday but were going to do Toy Story instead. Can't wait to see her invite, it looks cute

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love the monkey theme!
I guess your prediction was right. ;)
I bet the kids will love a kitten!

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