Sunday, February 26, 2012


I organized and rearranged all the kids rooms yesterday. Went through all their toys and books. I organized and cleaned the playroom, put away miscellaneous toys and switched toys around.

I vacuumed all the fans in the house...cause personally I don't like seeing the dust that falls off the blades, as it spins. 

I got my hair done yesterday, and I love it. Cause you have to look beautiful when you have a baby....right?!

I vacuumed the whole house,though that isn't anything new, since I am a compulsive vacuumer.

I have my mind set on the hubby fixing the carpet shampooer today and shampooing the carpets. There is nothing like clean carpets...since we are playing on the floor everyday. 

My kitchen is cleaner than it has ever been and the baby stuff is cleaned and put away. 

We need two more things for the nursery and they are at Ikea (one of my least favorite places to go) and hopefully I will be able to pick them up sometime in the next week.

Laundry is almost done, except for the sheets (which will get done today)

Do you think I am a little excited for this baby to come...not to mention just about ready.

I can't leave you without a picture. Here is Kenzie and I reading books...she is my little book worm!


Kelli Herrington said...

Yes in deed you are nesting. Sounds like you have been super busy girl you need to take it easy and rest although I know it is hard to do. You look amazing girl!

Anonymous said...

nesting is right. I need to do that too! and no i'm not nesting. shouldn't be too much longer huh!

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