Thursday, June 28, 2012

How I Manage?!

I have been asked many times on comments, e-mails and in person...

'How do you manage 4?!'

{Wait, 4....who's idea was that?!}

I can honestly say, 4 is not much different than 3. My oldest two usually play very well together, so while they are off on their own, Kenzie is either playing with me, by herself or with the older two.
Blake makes my life very easy. He sleeps, eats and smiles! {super easy baby} So, when I need to get something done, he is pretty easy and will sit in his swing, on his play-mat or in the high chair.

Please often tell me, 'Wow, you are daring going out with 4 kids, especially grocery shopping,' 'You are a super mom, having 4 kids must be tough,' 'You and your husband are very busy,' 'All they all yours?' 

But really, who are they kidding?!
I chose to have 4 kids, this is the life I wanted. I knew it was going to be a lot of work, I knew my life was going to be very family oriented, I knew that I was going to keep busy and always be on my toes and I even knew I would get the rude comments now and then.

I love being able to stay home with my kids and watch them grow up. We keep things as simple as possible, but my kids are also very adaptable. I keep a schedule as much as possible, but things come up and I don't worry when they go to bed late, skip a nap, eat 'junk' for lunch or stay in their PJ's all day.

We keep busy all day, it helps keep the kids happy with less fights, and then they also sleep well at night! Everyday is such a learning experience, but we have so much fun!

Being out numbered {parents vs. kids} can be tough, but since our oldest two are pretty self sufficient, it makes it a little easier on us. They are very good helpers with Kenzie...helping her out of the car, holding her hand, putting her shoes on her, getting her dressed...whatever it may be, they are usually willing to help. They love to help with Blake too, getting a burp rag, finding his Nuk, getting me a diaper and wipe, playing with him, while mommy cooks dinner, and so much more. They truly are great kids!

I am not going to tell you that every day is simple. {main reason...cause my husband would call me out} There are days I call my husband and beg him to come home, cause I am just about to loose it. There are days I just want to lock myself in my room and take a 5 minute breather. There are days that the 3 older kids fight non-stop. But those days are greatly outweighed by the good days.

When we go out and it is just me and 4 kids, I usually try and make games out of them helping me, like in the grocery store, I tell one of them to get me something off they shelf and they get to put it in the cart and cross it off the list. It might take a little bit longer to shop, but I am going for happy kids, not a time record. When I rarely take them out clothes shopping, I usually bring a sucker or treat to keep to happy/occupied and when that 'wears' off, they get to play my phone or help me put stuff in the cart. I do also love the dollar spot at Target, the kids get to pick something out in the beginning of the trip and if they misbehave or throw a fit, the toy has to go back. They get to hold it as a reminder to be a good listener.

I think routine is best and keeping busy really helps, but in all honesty, 4 is not much different than 3, other than loosing one more seat in the mini-van.


Mrs. Mama said...

you ARE amazing and should be oh so proud! your kids sound like really great kids and totally okay to have "those" moments.

Joeylee said...

Great post. We try to stick to a routine too with our two but it does change day to day. But your kids sound very well behaved.

Jamie Kubeczka said...

You are so brave and very lucky! I say the more the merrier.. You inspire me to have more, although I am not sure if I've built up the courage! LOL. I love big families and come from one and seriously wouldn't trade it for the world.

Karen said...

You are a great mom - love the idea of giving them "tasks" at the grocery store. Your kids are so cute!

MARY82 said...

I have to agree with you, after 3 kids the rest is a piece of cake. I have 5 kids ages 12, 8, 7, 5, and 11 months. It was definately hardest going from 2 to 3.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love this post! I can really relate to a lot that you wrote. I would love to have #4 someday!

Mommy3 said...

Awesome post and you are amazing! My mom gave me the "wow you are brave" about taking all 3 out for the 4th by myself since my husband worked but it really wasn't a big deal. I love taking them places and like you said keeping busy and having fun instead of just staying home is a big help. I'm not sure about 4 yet, mainly because we have a smaller house and just enough bedrooms (we have 4 bedrooms). How are your bedrooms? Do your kids share? I feel like if we had a boy next time if we did for for it, the boy and Lucas will be too far apart in age to share.

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