Monday, July 16, 2012

Please tell me...

...that I'm not the only one.

Little miss terrible twos, is deciding that this is how she wants to spend the middle of her nights.

 What...really, I thought we went through this at your 'newborn stage.'..!?
Please tell me some of you have some suggestions for me.

She goes to bed fine, she sleeps most of the night. Then she'll wake up and cry. Then when I tell her she can't come in our bed, she cries even harder. {My kids are ones to calm down after they are all worked up}
I will lay with her in her bed for a little bit, I have given her a glow worm (for an extra night light) and I have reassured her that we are in the room next door.

She just won't calm down!

We go through this at least every other night. I am at a lost, as to what I should do. I am holding firm, to keep her out of our bed, but I am also at a loss for sleep. {Something which I LOVE!}

How come my almost 4 month old is sleeping through the night, but my 2 1/2 year old insists on throwing nightly fits?!

Does anyone have a child that does/did this?
I would love your input and help!


Julie Rogers said...

We went through this right around 2...just keep walking them back to bed without talking (even if it takes like 50 times)! Eventually they will get back into the routine, but yet it's so frustrating. Good luck!


Linds said...

Oh girl. brayden did this around the same age. For a while we locked him in his room by turning the knob around. This worked for a bit until he stripped the lock :-\ then he was potty trained and I felt bad about locking him in there if he needed to go to the bathroom. It did eventually get better. Not sure anything we did really worked other than being consistent with whatever you choose. He still has nights where he gets up and we have to bring him back to bed. I keep saying "this too shall pass"... and hopefully quickly, as I'm a much nicer momma when I get my sleep :-)

Mommy3 said...

We went through this with Lucas. I let him crawl in bed iwht me when he came to me in the middle of the night. He stopped about 6 months later. I think he just needed that comfort and security at that time for whatever reason. I know to some they may think it will instill bad habits but he stopped all on his own and now sleeps in his own bed with no problems all night! They are only little once.

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