Monday, August 27, 2012

Birds Bees and the Trees

It was that time again...

Time for some {quality} family time! Outdoor fun, cooking over fires and living the nature life!

We went to Mirror Lake in Wisconsin. It wasn't a bad campground, but we won't go back there, it just wasn't kid friendly, like we like. The kids couldn't ride their bikes on the campground roads, cause cars would fly by and the beach was not up to swimming par.

But with smiles on our faces, we still had a {blast!}

Little ms. Sassy helping me set up inside the camper

Cousins and buddies
(3 months apart, though you would never guess that)

They act like twins!

He adores his biggest sister and Caleb adores his cousin!
{great babysitter in the making!}

 We had family stop by for the day! The kids had a blast with everyone and it is decided that they will be camping with us next year!
All the other Oxborough kids and my kids eating lunch!

The twins with Blake and Caleb (dressed as twins)

Heather and Blake

Time for some bags

Sweet kisses for Bubba

Grandma Vroom with her doggies!

Maddie with Blake...she LOVES babies!

Daddy and son bonding time!

Kisses for Bubba!

Playing at the park

My baby girls is growing up too fast!

The gross algae beach at the campground

Me and Kenzie

Playing with sand tools in grandma and papa's trailer

Grandma time!

Dressed like twins
Mommies and sons
 Pirates Cove in the Dells!

Riding her bike in the camp site

Lazy mornings are the best!

Our camp site

Our camping home...
We found a better beach at Devil's Lake State Park and the kids loved playing!

My little fishes

Playing while eating Goldfish makes for one happy little girl!

He's on a mission!

My little Bubba, all decked out for the sun!

Play time in the camper

Such a handsome little boy

Sibling LOVE!

 Auntie Katie braided their hair!

DVD time!

Happy guy!


It's amazing how kids know so much about technology these days!


Amber Maddux said...

i love little miss sassafrass and her pig tails :)

Danielle Kingstrom said...

Very nice photos and blog! Can't wait to read and see more. Thanks for sharing.

Full House said...

You should try out Little Boy Resort in Longville, MN it is our favorite place to be! Very kid friendly with a great beach!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE!!!

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