Monday, August 20, 2012

Blake 5 months

(WOW, I have been gone almost a has been awhile since I've had that long of a blogging break. It has been a busy summer, hopefully I will have some time here and there to post some of the fun things we have been doing) 5 months
(1 day late...again)
*You are so close to rolling over from back to arm just keeps getting stuck
*You love your baths!
*Your adorable smile is so contagious
 * You love being outside and taking walks
*You love being in the Baby Bjorn
*You are the best cuddler and mommy takes full advantage of that 
*You don't look like any of your siblings baby pictures, you are your own little man
 *Your eyes are still a very true blue
*Your are always moving...your legs just keep kicking
*You are finally taking bottles (mommy get to go to Vegas next month!)
*You are getting better about being in your car-seat
*You don't mind tummy long as you haven't just eaten
*You have the cutest giggle
*You love looking in your mirror
*You love lights 
*You are so close to mastering sitting up
*You love your Jumperoo and exersaucer
*You are in your crib for night and naps
*You still LOVE being swaddled
*You adore your older siblings and smile whenever they talk to you 
*You look like your mama...especially when you smile 
 * You sleep about 8-10 hours at night
*You eat every 3-4 hours during the day
*You wear 6 month clothing
* You are in size 2 diapers

Your stats at 5 months are...
Height 27"
Weight 17 lbs
{Past months}


Becca said...

Oh geez! That little guy is way too adorable! I can't believe he is already 5 months old!!

Mrs. Mama said...

he so so cute! i cant believe already 5 months. also, your banner with all the kiddos? crazy how much they look alike! they all have the same eyes!

Kelli Herrington said...

He is getting so big. He is just precious

m&msmommy said...

5 months already!??!? Wow! He is SO, SO, SO cute! That smile is just precious! :)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

He is so darn cute and getting so big! Glad you guys have enjoyed the summer!

Molly said...

He has changed so much! So adorable!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 5 months!!! He is adorable!!!

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