Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Potty Talk

It is amazing what comes out of kids mouths...

sometimes even
{jaw dropping}

I read a post the other day that had me with tears in my eyes about the funny thing that can happen in public bathrooms, so here is my rendition.

Lately Kemzie has been very vocal with her thoughts while we are in the bathroom together.
Chase and Abby are usually good about keeping their thoughts to themselves or waiting till we leave the bathroom.

The other day we are in the bathroom at Home Depot and there happen to be two other people in there with us. (usually when I notice there are other people in the bathroom I try to distract Kenzie, so her silly thoughts don't arise) 

Kenzie- 'You poopin' mama?'
Me- 'Shhh..no, just pee'
Kenzie- 'ok (waiting) you done yet?'
Me- 'Yep, I'm done.' (as I am pulling up my pants)
Kenzie- 'Mama, where is the butt to your underwear?'
Me- (completely embarrassed) 'You ready to go find daddy?!' (totally diverted)

Then a different day, when we were at Target, I am in the bathroom with Kenzie and Abby, before we started our grocery shopping trip and both girls decided it was time to 'think out loud.'

Abby- 'Mom, you stink, are you pooping?'
Me- (quietly) 'Abby shhhh, you don't say that out loud.'
Abby- 'Mom, everybody poops.'
Me- 'Yep, they do.'
Kenzie-'I poop a lot.'
Me- (laughing) 'yes you do.'
Kenzie- 'Mom, I love your zebra undies, they are really cute.'
Me- 'um, thanks Kenzie.'
Kenzie- 'Can we buy me some today?'
Me- (laughing) 'Maybe we can find you some Dora ones instead'

Don't think just because Chase is almost 7 that he knows when to keep his mouth shut....

Usually Chase waits outside the stall or goes in the men's bathroom, but for some reason he decided to come into the bathroom at Sports Authority. 

I sit down to go to the bathroom and the person in the bathroom next to us has a massively loud poop.
Chase- 'Mom, did you hear that'
Me- (quietly) 'Chase, shhh, don't say that'
Chase- (giggles) (really loud) 'They just had a really messy poop mom'
Me- (put my hand over his mouth) You excited to go look at baseball gloves?! (diverting his attention)

Potty talk makes lots of memories to laugh at!
Do you have any {jaw dropping} potty stories?!


Angela said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!!! I'm totally cracking up!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Okay, now that was funny! I try to keep my kids occupied in bathrooms, just to avoid the embarrassment!

Kelli Herrington said...

Girl I am cracking up anyone with kids can totally relate. LOL

Erin said...

Thank you for this laugh :). They have no problem telling everything like it is! My Parker likes to point out toots, and count how many poops he goes ....yep even in public :). Never a dull moment!

Ashley said...

my son narrates every thing I do...
Here mommy, I help you...
(pulls down my pants)
mommy peeing?
Yes honey mommy's peeing.
I watch mommy?
no thank you
Mommy PU!
Here mommy, I help wipe
no mommy can do it.
Mommy wiping?!
yes, thank you.
Mommy all done?!
Mommy pants up?

and so on! I figure at least it's giving someone a good chuckle!

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