Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pay It Forward

Recently I read a post about the generosity of a woman who paid if forward for her birthday. 
27 years and 27 ways she paid it forward!

As I was reading her post...I put myself in the position of the recipients and imagined how good it would feel to have something little like that done for me.

Who wouldn't want to feel like that?
Who wouldn't want that done for them?
Who doesn't deserve to be 'paid forward' now and then?

I use to go to the same Starbucks every time I left the chiropractor. They got to know me there and they also knew that I always paid for the person behind me.

 Someone might think...Why?!
I think...Why not?!

One time I paid for the same lady twice. She knew it was me that paid for her both times, by the family stickers I have on the back of my mini van. The second time, she followed me to the store parking lot across the street from Starbucks (where I was running an errand) She tapped on my window and let me know that I had bought her coffee twice and both times she was having a horrible morning. She told me that I made her day both times and that she couldn't believe it happened to her not once, but twice.

What a great feeling!

There is more little things we can do to make someones day, other than paying for their coffee or meal. 

A few of the ideas from the blog post I read, that I just loved were:

 1. Put a cafe gift card on the windshield of the car next to you at the coffee shop
2. Put a ‘have a great day’ note on the mirror of a public bathroom
3. Tape this note on the mirror in a store dressing room
4. Tape a bag of microwave popcorn to a red box machine
5.  Put a diaper and new wipes case along with an encouraging note in a changing station
6. Stick a dollar in a children’s book at the library

What all great things...right?! 
{really makes you think}

Have you paid it forward?!
What did you do?!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters & Winner


Dearest Kenzie- For the sanity of your mama, please stop waiting until the last second to let me know you have to go to the bathroom. For the 'rare' times that I am in the middle of something, I don't really like cleaning up pee on the bathroom floor.
Dear my biggest helper Chase- I am in awe of how much you like helping around the house. I used to be just like you when I was little and now I am OCD about cleaning. Last night when daddy and I went on a date, that was SO sweet of you to do the dishes, dust and fold the laundry to help me out! I love you to the moon and back buddy!
Dearest hubby- Thank you so much for the date last night. I loved shopping for clothes, even though you despise shopping I know it isn't your favorite thing to do. I am now outfitted for Vegas and one happy mama! I might, just might be in style now.
Dear 'little devil' on my shoulder- Please stop getting me all worried about leaving my baby for 4 days next week. I know he is in good hands and it will be good to get away for our anniversary. I am going to miss my kiddos bunches, but plan on winning big in Vegas! {fingers crossed!}
 Dear motivation- I am still looking for you and will be on a fierce hunt for your when I get back from Vegas. I am not sure if I have clued you it, but I am done having sweet babies, so I would greatly appreciate getting a swift kick in the butt from you to get on a steady workout schedule. {sincerely mama of 4}


The winner of the $20 Starbucks gift-card is #23
Jaclyn over at The Lewis Lowdown

{Congrats Jaclyn, you have 48 hours to email me, or another winner will be drawn}

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blake 6 Months 6 months
(1 day late...again)
*You are rolling over everywhere. You roll to get where you want to go.
*You love your baths! You are in the big boy tub now and love splashing!
*Your adorable smile is so contagious
* You love being outside and taking walks
*You love being in the Baby Bjorn
*You are the best cuddler and mommy takes full advantage of that 
*Your eyes are still a very true blue
*Your are always moving...your legs just keep kicking
*You drink about 5 ounces every 3 hours
*You LOVE your veggies and Mum Mums
*You drink out of a sippy cup pretty well
*You don't mind your carseat as much anymore, but still aren't a huge fan of it
*You are getting better about tummy time, as long as you have tons of toys in front of you to distract you
*You have the cutest giggle
*You love looking in your mirror
*You love lights 
*You are so close to mastering sitting up 
*You love your Jumperoo and exersaucer
*You sleep really well for night and naps (except when you have this nasty cough)
*You still LOVE being swaddled {still}
*You adore your older siblings and smile whenever they talk to you 
*You look like your mama...especially when you smile 
 * You sleep about 8-10 hours at night
*You wear 6-9 month clothing
* You are in size 2 diapers
*You are sitting up
*You 'talk' constantly
*You love to make the 'raspberry' noise (spitting as your siblings call it)

Your stats at 6 months are...
Height 27"{75%}
Weight 17 lbs 6 oz. {50-75%}
Head 44 cm {50-75%}
{Past months}


Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear not so reliable camper- Please for the love of Pete, stop having things happen right before we are going to leave for a camping trip. I mean, as much as we love dishing out loads of money in to new toys...I can be done anytime.

Dear sickness that seems to be floating around my house- please go back where you came from...better yet, just go away entirely! Now that you have 'hit' all of my kids, we would love to all feel 100% again. Not to mention, the hubby and I don't want to get it right before we leave for Vegas.

Dear weather that I love- Please feel free to stick around for a few months! I can't get enough of the fresh air {windows open}...we love it! Feel free to keep the snow away and stay gorgeous for awhile!

Dear Halloween costume- Now that I think I have decided what I am making for my hubby to wear this year, lets not wait until October 29th or 30th to start making it. I am all about pushing it to last minute and working under pressure, but really...just get it done!

Dear blogger friends 'family'- Thank you for all the sweet comments lately. I love me some sweet comments and I like knowing your thoughts on my posts. Please know, I am trying my best to respond to your comments and comment after reading each of your blogs too.

Dear self- Please kick your butt into gear and finish painting the kitchen. I love the whole half painted and half not, but lets get real...Chase's party is coming up soon and it looks ridiculous! You can do it, just haul the ladder in, so you can climb up and reach the top of the vaulted ceiling!

Dear mini-van whom I love- I promise to give you a proper bath when we get back this weekend from camping. I am sorry that you are covered in dog hair and kiddo crumbs. Soon you will get the bath and vacuum you deserve!

Happy Friday to you all!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You know how I mentioned...

...that I love FALL!?
{most of you are probably sick of hearing it}

Well, this time, you are hearing me say it to benefit you!

Tell me how many of you love these...
I LOVE them a little too much!
{ brain has learned to stop arguing with my waist line}

Here's how you bennifit... 

I am giving away a $20 gift card to Starbucks to one of you!

Yep, no reason needed, other than my love for fall and for the very fact that my life is pretty perfect!

To enter:
Leave me a comment on this post
any ol' comment...
vent about your day, brag about your blessings in life, tell me how adorable my kids are...anything!


 There are days that I forget how blessed I am ...then I turn around and look at these 4 beautiful faces and realize...
God is good!

He has given me more love than I could ever imagined!

He gave me endless reasons to smile, laugh and know that life is great!

These are 4 good reasons that I know my life is perfect!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Isn't it time yet?!

For FALL that is?!

I LOVE fall and that is no secret!

My favorite things are in the fall...
1. HOT apple cider! I love drinking apple cider, especially sitting in front of the fire in the morning
2. Fire! I love having fires! The smell, the warmth...the ambiance!
3. The crisp color changing leaves! I love taking drives and looking at all the fall colors!
4. Warm cozy slippers! I love slippers and have 3 pair (depending on my mood) I am not a huge fan of socks...but slippers, I love them!
5. Sweat-outfits, any color, any shade...cotton preferred! I love being cozy! One of the main bonuses to working form home.
6. Not enough time in my day, thank goodness for crock pots!! I love starting dinner in the morning, then smelling it all day long and getting to enjoy it for dinner. 

What are you favorite fall things?!


I did a very fun Fall Favorites blog swap last year....

...anyone interested in it again this year?

You might be thinking what in the world you put in a fall favorites fall swap box?!
Well, maybe not, but here are some ideas:
-decorative hand towels
-recipe kits

Let me know if you'd be interested in joining in?!

Monday, September 10, 2012

We did what?!

 Went camping AGAIN!
And once again, we all loved it! We love camping and being outside!
This time it was for our annual Labor Day trip with my side of the family.
We headed to our favorite campground...Baker Park!

We just took it easy and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

We even got along with our siblings (for most of the trip)

We rode our bikes a lot...

...and even mastered riding a two wheeler in 2 days!

We played in the dirt and rocks

Played with our toys too!
Some of us just hung out and looked cute all day long!

Doesn't get much cuter than this...two great teams and one adorable baby!

Someone flashed his baby blues at everyone that walked by our site

 My biggest man played tons of sticks n' cups!
Big sister was a BIG help!

We got in a lot of quality family time!

The little miss trying to put her helmet on! Sweet silly girl!

Our whole crew
(minus me the photographer)

 Two of my main guys! LOVE them!

This is how we improvise for nap time outside!
Being silly with auntie Kate

Kenzie using Abby as a pillow

Quality brother time!

 Perfect day, perfect weather!

My diva in training

Squirt gun fight!

With some new friends!

 My happy little man!

Priceless picture!
Brothers & Cousins!

What more could I ask for?!
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