Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear not so reliable camper- Please for the love of Pete, stop having things happen right before we are going to leave for a camping trip. I mean, as much as we love dishing out loads of money in to new toys...I can be done anytime.

Dear sickness that seems to be floating around my house- please go back where you came from...better yet, just go away entirely! Now that you have 'hit' all of my kids, we would love to all feel 100% again. Not to mention, the hubby and I don't want to get it right before we leave for Vegas.

Dear weather that I love- Please feel free to stick around for a few months! I can't get enough of the fresh air {windows open}...we love it! Feel free to keep the snow away and stay gorgeous for awhile!

Dear Halloween costume- Now that I think I have decided what I am making for my hubby to wear this year, lets not wait until October 29th or 30th to start making it. I am all about pushing it to last minute and working under pressure, but really...just get it done!

Dear blogger friends 'family'- Thank you for all the sweet comments lately. I love me some sweet comments and I like knowing your thoughts on my posts. Please know, I am trying my best to respond to your comments and comment after reading each of your blogs too.

Dear self- Please kick your butt into gear and finish painting the kitchen. I love the whole half painted and half not, but lets get real...Chase's party is coming up soon and it looks ridiculous! You can do it, just haul the ladder in, so you can climb up and reach the top of the vaulted ceiling!

Dear mini-van whom I love- I promise to give you a proper bath when we get back this weekend from camping. I am sorry that you are covered in dog hair and kiddo crumbs. Soon you will get the bath and vacuum you deserve!

Happy Friday to you all!


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Katie said...

Hahaha good post Kel. I thoroughly got a good laugh out of it, especially the painting and kiddo crumbs van ;)

Danielle said...

Have fun camping! Isn't it terrible stuff always breaks right when you really need it?

Angela said...

My mini van is a mess, too. It's one of my biggest pet peeves but, it's so hard to get out there and find the time to clean it! Have a great time camping!

skyhawk824 said...

Dear Kel,
Thanks for using spell-checker. You have gone at least a week without spelling a word on your blog. Keep up the hard work.

Jamie said...

I love these posts, too cute! :-)

Unknown said...

weather right now is perfect!

Following you now! Have a wonderful weekend!! Stop by and say hello! :)

Becca said...

I really hope everyone is feeling great again! Such a shame for anyone to be sick when there is such nice weather out! Can't wait to see what you decided on for Halloween costumes this year!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope everybody is feeling better!

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