Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Isn't it time yet?!

For FALL that is?!

I LOVE fall and that is no secret!

My favorite things are in the fall...
1. HOT apple cider! I love drinking apple cider, especially sitting in front of the fire in the morning
2. Fire! I love having fires! The smell, the warmth...the ambiance!
3. The crisp color changing leaves! I love taking drives and looking at all the fall colors!
4. Warm cozy slippers! I love slippers and have 3 pair (depending on my mood) I am not a huge fan of socks...but slippers, I love them!
5. Sweat-outfits, any color, any shade...cotton preferred! I love being cozy! One of the main bonuses to working form home.
6. Not enough time in my day, thank goodness for crock pots!! I love starting dinner in the morning, then smelling it all day long and getting to enjoy it for dinner. 

What are you favorite fall things?!


I did a very fun Fall Favorites blog swap last year....

...anyone interested in it again this year?

You might be thinking what in the world you put in a fall favorites fall swap box?!
Well, maybe not, but here are some ideas:
-decorative hand towels
-recipe kits

Let me know if you'd be interested in joining in?!


Kelli Herrington said...

Yes girl yes bring on Fall I am so ready I have been pulling my fall decor out and prayinmg for cooler weather

Amber Maddux said...

i just participated in a fall blog swap and will be posting on Friday the 14th, however it was my first and i believe an addiction has set in :) EEK!!!! I'd love to be a part of another Fall Swap as I love Fall.

Leah D said...

So funny. I am not a fan of socks, but love slippers, too!

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