Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters


 Dear Vegas- Please stop making me feel withdrawals! I had a blast, but it is back to reality for me! I'll catch you on the flip side! {aka...after my kids move out}

Dear 'park builders'- I really appreciate your time building our new park, but if you could try and pick up the pace just a little, it would be greatly appreciated! Not sure if you know this or not, but we in Minnesota, don't have very many months to enjoy the outdoors, before it snows. Not to mention, my kids need somewhere to wear off all their energy!
-sincerely eager mommy of 4

 Dear dust bunnies- I am well aware that it is your job to find a place in my house to live, but seriously, every time I vacuum you up, I feel like you multiply. I get it that you are even more prevalent on hard wood floors, but must you get so big?!

Dear my SIL- I greatly appreciate your company earlier today. It really is nice to be able to have an adult conversation through out my day. I miss our days together, but cherish our play-dates now.

Dear ongoing to-do list- I realize that you have been staring me in the face for some time now. I really have been trying to 'chip' away at you, when time allows. Please understand that my 4 adorable children are very loving of my time and you get put on the back burner. The hubby and I are going to attempt to 'tackle' you this weekend. Cross your fingers!

Dear weekend- PLEASE stay for awhile. Relax and last as long as you'd like!

1 comment:

Kristi Hooper said...

I enjoy reading these. They are alighthearted note warding off otherwise stressful events. Although I don't know of anyone else who talks to dust bunnies. :)

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