Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear my littlest man- I am working really hard on trying to get you to sleep un-swaddled. I really think you'll be more happy when you are able to move free and you are able to get your Nuk. Please don't make this harder than it already is, being you are my last baby.

Dear dust- I know it is your job to fill my house, but you really aren't welcome here. You are an endless job that I feel like I never fully complete! SCRAM! 

Dear mother nature- Here is my plea with you. My kids and I really like snow and we live in Minnesota for a reason. We would really love a ton of snow this year, but if you could keep the temperatures above 20 degrees, that would be greatly appreciated! 
P.S. Feel free to have a couple snow days, where we are all snowed in

Dear life- Please slow down. The holidays are coming, so I know things can get crazy, but I just want to be able to breathe! 

Dear closet- I really don't like you. I miss my HUGE walk in closet at our old house. I know I have more clothes than I wear can fit in you, but please work with me here. Next time I 'wiggle my nose' do your best at helping me organize you and make you seem bigger than you really are!

 Dear Mimi- (my wonderful aunt) Thank you for taking your time to visit this weekend and be my interior decorator. I really appreciate it and my house says thank you! I can't wait to see what you do!

Have a great weekend everyone!


jessica said...

omg can life slow down a little more, please! i cannot believe christmas is literally around the corner.

p.s. don't tell anyone but i think you have the 4 cutest little blonde haired munchkins i've ever seen. i swear they're presh.

Becca said...

Yes, please life slow down some! I say this ALL the time and mention it on my blog more times than I can count. This year has flown by ridiculously fast!

I hope that sweet little man of yours adjusts to not being swaddled easily! I'm in the process of doing just that with one of the little boys I watch. I've caved several times :(

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