Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear ugly stomach bug- PLEASE 'for the love of Pete'...leave our house! Both my girls have been unfortunate to get in your way, while passing through our house. NO FUN! Please get the hint from all the Lysol and cleaning...LEAVE!

Dear Blake- Thank you for finally getting over your 7+ week cold! Daddy and I really do appreciate a good nights sleep. Lets work on putting our self to sleep again, now that you are getting better! 

Dear mail lady- I hope I didn't scare you off, after opening the door when you rang my door bell again during nap time, to tell you to not ring my door bell when dropping off packages. My babies love their sleep and you don't help when you ring the door bell and make my dog bark like crazy.

Dear my most favorite aunt- Thanks for all of your help this past weekend on redecorating my house. I love all the stuff you did and the new stuff we bought! You are one talented lady! Love your to pieces!

Dear JBF- Thank you for paying off. For all those hours I spent tagging and getting my stuff ready for the sale...I am well on my way to a new laptop. It was well worth my time...I have already made more than I thought I would.

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Gemma White said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon, stomach bugs are not nice. Passing by from the link up :) x

anna lizbeth said...

love your header! your kids are adorable!


Unknown said...

ugh leave the house gross stomach stuff! i hate those!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! stop by & say hello!

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